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FOP still in fight with city over take-home car fees


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FOP still in fight with city over take-home car fees

September 8th, 2010 @ 12:05AM (13 years ago)
Posted by: Hank

Kudos the president on the press conference today, which was covered by all the local media outlets. Yes this will take a while but we will get our money back.

FOP still in fight with city over take-home car fees

September 8th, 2010 @ 1:35PM (13 years ago)

to those who do not know if both departments prior to merger gave up good raises to have what we have now. On the former city side we were always told that the use of the car was part of our raise and it was under this current mayor who advise of of it.

Now, in reference to getting out money we will not see it until we have a new mayor as this one has stated the money will stay were it is until it is ruled by the highest court in KY. We should go after him for interest as well for all the money he has stolen from us.


September 8th, 2010 @ 3:36PM (13 years ago)
Posted by: kickbacks
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Jerry, King of Fools

FOP still in fight with city over take-home car fees

September 8th, 2010 @ 3:42PM (13 years ago)

I really miss the old Louisville Division of Police. I know it's a long gone memory, but boy didn't we have fun. Sure we had problems, but they were not that bad. I miss the white stripe on the pants of my Class A uniform, I miss that beautiful patch on my shirt, I miss being told when to wear long and short sleeve shirts, I miss being treated like an adult and entrusted to make adult decisions. I also knew everybody on the Louisville Police Department. Even if I didn't know them personally, I would recognize their face off duty. Times have changed indeed, but if you're from the old LPD you will relate to this rant. What do you miss?

FOP still in fight with city over take-home car fees

September 8th, 2010 @ 4:02PM (13 years ago)

Here is the problem and anyone that has been around and sen this Mayor in action over the past 25 years knows that Jerry Abramson will NEVER admit that he is wrong. He was told not to do this by the the investigator from the state labor cabinet. This decision was reaffirmed by the head of the State Labor Cabinet. He was told in Circuit Court that he was wrong by his long term pal who worked for him but is now a circuit court judge, Mitch Perry. He is acting like a spoiled kid that didn't get his way and is now throwing a temper tantrum.

Sound familiar? This is the same thing he did with the firefighters in the mid 90's. It ended up costing the TAXPAYERS of this community MILLIONS because he would not admit he was wrong. Instead he drags it out for years in litigation and we (taxpayers) pay the bill not only in the attorney fees and court costs but I am sure that now interest on $890,000.00 is piling up that he no doubt has spent but that the Officers will surely demand when they finally do get their money back.

RIGHT IS RIGHT.. Abramson was told no on many levels and now, like the firefighters overtime fiasco he will pass the buck on to the next mayor. Is this really the man we want in State Government? The only state institution I want to see him in is Eddyville. What a crook!

FOP still in fight with city over take-home car fees

September 8th, 2010 @ 8:11PM (13 years ago)

His team of shysters at the Jefferson County Attorney's office are also to blame. They're much better at trying to rip off police and firefighters' than prosecuting criminals.

Taxpayers are paying for these cars.

September 8th, 2010 @ 11:53PM (13 years ago)

I know you all are used to it, but I am so sick of this argument from Jerry Abramson. As much as he says it, it makes me feel like he is saying it strictly to manipulate and brainwash lower/middle class people hurting from the economy by convincing them that the police are big bad awful monsters that want a "free ride" at the "taxpayers" expense. I've always been confused as to why this is even used or entertained by anyone as a valid argument. Cops pays taxes, too. Yet I've never seen anyone in the media reply to Abramson's nonsense with this important fact. Soooo, should cops being paying for these cars twice? I just don't get it. And let's not even touch the fact that most people who gripe about the police cars are unemployed gangsters that don't pay ANY taxes.

Every channel I saw this story on showed the same clip from Abramson. "The taxpayers are paying for these cars and I've tried to get the cops to help us make up for the shortfall and they refuse" blah blah blah. As a voting, taxpaying citizen of this city, I'm tired of the media handling this entire ordeal since 2008 as if the police are the bad guys and everyone else is the victim because cops just won't give in to the bullying of a shady Mayor. It's offensive. Anyone, cop or not, with even a little bit of common sense, can see right through his BS regarding these take-home cars. I wish you guys nothing but the best. And I hope other citizens like me vote the right way come November

FOP still in fight with city over take-home car fees

September 9th, 2010 @ 12:55AM (13 years ago)
Posted by: VELCRO
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FOP still in fight with city over take-home car fees

September 9th, 2010 @ 2:46PM (13 years ago)

Why! Hey media why not cover these stories:

768 Barret Ave closed do to excess mold (do to the lack of preventative maintenance by Ted Pullen)

810 Barret Ave parts closed do to mold and various health hazards do to lack of maintenance

The government endangers the health and well being of it's employees on a daily basis, ask the facilities workers who were made to remove asbestos insulation from a broken pipe at police HQ with no protection.

Where is all the money going to should be used to maintain these buildings? I am sure Jerry and Ted have nice areas to work in everyday.

By the way remember when they big story came out the gas usage and Jerry showed where he had switched to a Ford Escape Hybrid for better mileage...............well no more saw him (being driven by his highly paid body guard) in a nice new explorer...............so much for going "Green"

FOP still in fight with city over take-home car fees

September 9th, 2010 @ 2:49PM (13 years ago)

The media has FAILED big time to hold Abramson accountable for his actions. Here we are getting painted as the bad guys and yet 8 days before he announced a 20 million dollar shortfall he gave Cordish CO 12 million dollars in the form of a forgivable loan because they didn't complete work downtown. That's OK, but it isn't OK for us to want money back that Abramson took illegally from us and has been told by other Government agencies 3 times now that he was wrong but they do not see this as yet another frivolous delay tactic like he did with the firefighters?

Hal Heiner's view on public safety

September 10th, 2010 @ 8:04PM (13 years ago)

This is from the Courier-Journal

How would you change public safety in Louisville?

Hal Heiner: Enhancing public safety must be an area that we pursue continuous improvement. Recent reports suggest that crime is declining in Louisville. Even so, violent crime in the city is double the statewide average and property crime is sixty percent higher than statewide. Statistics like this matter when it comes to people making decisions on where to live and raise their families and when businesses are determining where to invest and locate. One major issue is blighted and abandoned properties. They are incubators of crime and drug dealing. We must aggressively clean up vacant houses and lots, target graffiti and litter, have flexible teams within Metro Police to deploy to areas that are seeing an uptick in crime and streamline procedures to book criminals so our police can be on the street. Along those lines, we must remain committed to take-home vehicles for officers so the police are visible even when off the clock. It is an effective deterrent to crime


FOP still in fight with city over take-home car fees

September 21st, 2010 @ 1:21AM (13 years ago)

Did anyone listen to President Mutchler on 84whas yesterday morning?