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Chief Mike Griffin retires

Ex-FBI agent worked to make Oldham officers more accessible to public


RE: Chief Mike Griffin retires

September 3rd, 2010 @ 11:45PM (12 years ago)

It really wasn't a merger..... it was a hostile takeover.

RE: Chief Mike Griffin retires

September 4th, 2010 @ 8:56AM (12 years ago)

Well, you can't count the counties that never had a county police to begin with, which is the vast majority of them. I'll do a little research to find out how many still have them, it is only a handful, I know. Off the top of my head, Campbell County still does, Oldham, of course, can't think of any more.

JCPD wasn't a merger, never said it was. If it had been, we would have LPD in the city and JCSO in the rest of the unincorporated county, which is the way it works in most places.

For the record, the sheriff's duties are the same in every county, it's just that some counties have decided to allocate them differently. That's why Oldham has such issues - the sheriff didn't agree to give up statutory duties, the county just took them. They both work cases out in the county, depends upon who 'catches" them first.