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Possible fee for alarm system users


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Possible fee for alarm system users

June 9th, 2010 @ 1:25PM (14 years ago)
Posted by: CountyFirefighter

Really?! Seriously?! So what's next... Are we also going to make them register it and charge citizens & businesses a fee for an alarm system that alerts the Fire Department? I understand the False Alarm fine, I even agree with it. I even received a letter for a false alarm at my house, when the cat set it off. I changed from a motion sensor to a glassbreak. But come on, "A Revenue Generator" last I checked that is what the taxes I pay are for, which is ironic since those same taxes also pay my salary. Why not raise fines? Whatever, what really sucks, is that I just renewed my alarm contract for 3 years. $25 a year may not sound like that much, but that is going to be $25 that I am not going to have. I wonder how many people are now going to get rid of their alarm systems? Oh well... Death & Taxes

Possible fee for alarm system users

June 9th, 2010 @ 3:07PM (14 years ago)
Posted by: hmmm???

After considerable thought, additional ideas have come through committee, and sound promising in order to "generate income" for Metro Louisville.

1) Fire proven crooked cops in order to save salary, pension, and benefit costs.

2) Place a $10 fee on families for calling the police when events are unfounded, they just wanted the police to see that their adult son still lives in the basement, drinks all day, and won't work, or they just wanted the police to handle their responsibilities. (i.e. "tell my kid to get up and go to school since I have no ability to parent".)

3) Place a $5 transportation charge on prisoners for transporting the same folks over and over. (This would ease some of the burden of the revolving door of district court. At least then this "catch and release program" could generate money.) This fee would be scaled up with each additional transport. ($5, $10, $15...etc.)

4) Place an additional $10 fee on misdemeanor and felony court costs. That way a portion of the cost could come back to the affected patrol division. Tax paying traffic violators should be exempted from the added fine however.

5) Impose a $2 fine on all dumb questions when an officer is flagged down while making a dispatched run or while fueling up. This could be directly debited from the guilty persons Benefit or Passport Card.

6) Impose a $2 fee on individuals who pay cash for scratch off and lottery tickets while using EBT to buy junk food at convenience stores. (In time, this would also impact health care costs as people would be forced to eat things besides just chips, bug juice, slim jims, and crusty roller cooked hotdogs.)

It wouldn't take long to generate huge revenue as a result of these newly approved fees. AND, absolutely no additional burden would be placed on taxpaying folks who are trying to defend their own homes and businesses. As best as we can tell, no tax payers would be affected at all. These "revenue generation" plans would surely place the burden where it should go...on those that cause the highest amount of burden to the community. It is our hope that these fees will lead to so much money being generated that all tax payers would receive "quarterly bonus checks" in order to offset the costs of needing the alarm systems in the first place. With the added funds the city could also provide each taxpayer with subsidies for mortgages, groceries, and health care costs. (A virtual reverse welfare system so to speak.) As a result, for a change, we could live on the backs of those that have sponged off of us for so long. Now that's real change we can believe in.

Site Blocked

June 9th, 2010 @ 3:52PM (14 years ago)

Does anyone know why this site is blocked from work computers?

We now get a nice little message that this site has been filtered.

Possible fee for alarm system users

June 9th, 2010 @ 9:21PM (14 years ago)

Most cities and counties around the country have always charged a fee for people who have alarms. The alternative is for the alarm to go to the alarm company and then they dispatch their own security guards out to check and call police if there is a problem they can't handle. Califoronia has laws regulating who can work as this type of guard. They receive 120 hours of training to be armed and have limited arrest powers on the property of people and businesses that contract with their service. This free's up the police to other stuff.

The folks who are really against this are the one's who own the alarm companies.

Possible fee for alarm system users

June 9th, 2010 @ 10:52PM (14 years ago)

I don't know, how about an ordinance or law mandating that the Mayor and the Metro Council don't spend money foolishly. How about a responsibility clause somewhere in there that when Abramson or any of his cronies rip off the taxpayers they get charged with a crime?

No instead let's go ahead and do the democratic thing and make government larger and impose yet another tax. Personally I want to see how they are going to collect it. They can't even get anyone to pay their parking tickets!

Possible fee for alarm system users

June 10th, 2010 @ 9:50AM (14 years ago)

If they start charging then they should start making it a high priority run and not holding it for 45 mins, then taking another 20 to get there. I know they are mostly all false, but at least then the ones that aren't will get their $50 worth by actually catching a criminal. Nothing against the officers at all, just hate getting charged for everything since dirtbags live off the government. Queen Jerry is just trying to stick it to us while he can!

Possible fee for alarm system users

June 10th, 2010 @ 2:41PM (14 years ago)

Charging a fee for our response to an alarm is flat out wrong. Its what we get paid to do and thats what actual tax payers pay taxes for.

Possible fee for alarm system users

June 10th, 2010 @ 4:19PM (14 years ago)

An alternative to charging a "registration" fee: increased penalties for repeat false alarms. I see that the metro ordinance permits a 10% discount if the fine is paid within seven days. Maybe waive the discount for certain repeat infractions? Or maybe kick-in the $300 fine for an excess of 10 false alarms instead of 12? Or a combination of the above?

Granted, $25 / year for a household and $50 / year for a business is not an enormous sum of money; however, as it is people are paying for alarm services, maintenance and installation fees, and for everything else that keeps their livelihood. I can understand that government needs money to operate, but without tax-paying citizens and businesses, the government has nothing. You have to give your citizens some credit and appreciation, especially the ones that are already paying their dues and any fine money they may have incurred as a result of the existing ordinance being adopted.

Likewise, perhaps police and other municipal officials could focus on using the ordinances more frequently? If I'm not mistaken, when a state law is charged, the fine money goes to the state; when a municipal ordinance is charged, the money goes to the respective municipality. Maybe enforcement of mundane ordinances such as cleaning up after your pet when you walk it, noise ordinances for loud stereos and other quality-of-life issues might generate some additional income and make neighborhoods and public areas more enjoyable for everyone?

Possible fee for alarm system users

June 12th, 2010 @ 3:57PM (14 years ago)
Posted by: kickbacks

how about tax some of the free (forgive-able loans) millions Jerry gave his butt-buddies over at CORDISH? i liked the post by 'hmmm', by the way. Need to add - if we make more than 5 runs per year to your house because of stupid crap - you pay for all your neighbors alarm systems.