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Is Louisville's police chief Robert White really that stupid?


RE: Is Louisville's police chief Robert White really that stupid?

June 3rd, 2010 @ 10:00PM (14 years ago)

"The chief was willing to stand up for what he believed was right and have consequences against officers who didn't follow the rules," Halladay said.

WELL WELL WELL, consequences that included firing a man that was found NOT GUILTY. Why don't those same consequences apply to a woman found to lie to PSU investigators FOUR times in ONE investigation and have a previous record of doing the same in an incident prior??? MAYBE JUST MAYBE it could be that the white man killed a black man that was selling him drugs and when he found out he was busted attempted to pull a gun and the black woman stole money from a black officers association and lied her butt off when questioned. Race WAS the reason in both cases.

Another question is why haven't ANY of those members of the black officers association stepped forward to the CA office to want her prosecuted?? SHAME ON them for being members of a racist organization and shame on them for allowing a corrupt officer to remain an officer solely based on race. Why was it a racist organization.it did not allow whites to be members. I know because I asked if I could join and was told NO. Wonder what would occur if there was a white officers association and a white officer stole money from it?? Gee I don't know....maybe felony conviction and termination. But no, this could never happen because a white officers association would be considered racist now wouldn't it??

my friends I too have a dream just as a famous man once did. Let's have racial equality and justice within the LMPD, lets get rid of the racist leadership and have equal justice for all. and PLEASE oh PLEASE Atlanta PD PLEASE hire White and ask him to take his crooked cronies with him, only then will I too see the promised land of equality and justice and a Police dept that actually fights crime!!!

As for me I am moving my family to another county where it is safe and the Police can do their jobs without fear of racist and or politically correct persecution. Louisville, you have no idea of the crime that is actually occurring here and what little is being done about it.

RE: Is Louisville's police chief Robert White really that stupid?

June 3rd, 2010 @ 10:29PM (14 years ago)

If White gets the Atlanta job, he would probably have the same level of success as when Bobby Petrino went from U of L to the Atlanta Falcons. Atlanta has dozens of violent street gangs and the kinds of problems that make Louisville look like Disneyworld. He wouldn't have the first idea how to run that department.

RE: Is Louisville's police chief Robert White really that stupid?

June 4th, 2010 @ 9:19AM (14 years ago)

For the record, Mac was acquitted, and was awarded back pay, his job and other monetary awards, but accepted the fact that he would not be able to serve again as a police officer wieth the media on his back. I think he regrets that decision now.

He is/was one he## of a police officer who still cares more about the men and women in any uniform of service than the vast majority of individuals on our department.

While I am on that rant, lets get this straight. Racism, be it overt or covert, is flat wrong. If racial preferance has been given to any one - for any reason, then it is wrong. If it equitable, then so be it.

If someone knows the numbers of officers who have been forced to resign, or were terminated, please give them. because I don't know, and to be frank I think we all bleed blue.

I know my primary concerns each day are to play with my kids, kiss my wife, go to work, find a criminal, help someone, go to court (maybe not so much) and back my brothers and sisters up. I then go home, kiss my wife, play with my kids and get ready for the next day. I am not a social worker, a lawyer, a marital advisor, head-shrink, or any of those other feel good things that the command wants us to be. I am a cop. I hope a good one.

I really could careless about our command, because I have outlasted others, and I will outlast them. I understand that each of the politically appointed majors have an agenda to keep their jobs. I understand that the Chief and his flunkies have their own agenda. I just want to POLICE, and decided long ago to take the KRS and use it. If someone doesn't like that, then have them put it on paper.

Until then, I will go to the FOP and be heard. I will continue to speak up at roll calls, and I will continue to police.