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Updated: Sunday, May 2nd, 2010

Dallas native David Brown named city's new police chief

Chief Robert White was a finalist


RE: Dallas native David Brown named city's new police chief

April 29th, 2010 @ 7:28AM (14 years ago)

Although I agree with your sentiment, you don't know where the guy came from, nor what policing was like 30 years ago, either. My GF was a Louisville cop in the 1950s, and the stories he told were wild. They had a lot more truly mean folks (most of those we get now are crooks, but chicken) who were in a lot better shape - it was a rare night he wasn't in at least one true fight - often with knives. And remember, no HTs, so no way to call for help, you handled your beat, ALONE. He was busy his whole shift, every night. It was common for my GM to have to sew up his uniform regularly.

Same attitude I see with LMPD with cops out in the state now - until YOU have policed in deep rural Leslie County, with the hopped-up crazies who all have guns, and your, backup 20 miles away and unreachable directly by radio, you really don't know what other agencies have to deal with.