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Power of Louisville's mayor could be limited under KY Senate bill


RE: Power of Louisville's mayor could be limited under KY Senate...

January 21st, 2010 @ 6:17PM (13 years ago)

It seems to me that the powers that be, jerry and his pals, want business as usual. And for good reason if you ask them. If they had to ask permission to spend foolishly for pretty garbage cans, fancy bike trails used by about 3 residents (inflated estimate), a connected walking bridge for added CIT runs (way more than the number that use the bike trail), and other BS granite curb appeal projects that have been undertaken by jerry it would be a hard sell at best. It's much easier just to post their "transparency" and supposedly report how the money was spent. I don't want to spend money that way, much less want to see the numbers that were spent. And with the ego and lack of integrity, I am not buying the reported figures either. It is only as transparent as that thick skull...what a melon.

If the bill gets approved to actually place some teeth in the mouths of the council members, some of this corruption could be averted. At least we would know up front how much Cordish was getting. The BS spending needs to be approved, not just reported. This is especially true during a period where we have to put skin in the game. I know we aren't currently "paying" for the cars, other than in stopping while off duty etc, but they are drawing interest on my skin already.

Stop Stupid (aka jerry), approve the Bill, and give me my money back back prior to buying something else that the city "needs". Nothing says Public Safety like a new downtown bath house (intended for "bicyclists")...