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911 tweets prompt MetroSafe questions


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911 tweets prompt MetroSafe questions

January 4th, 2010 @ 8:15PM (14 years ago)

"MetroSafe says the use of cell phones or PDA's, and logging on to social networking sites while at work is not allowed."

If that is a rule, that is the only rule she broke. If I wanna tweet about the idiots I make runs on the city cant do a thing about it.

911 tweets prompt MetroSafe questions

January 4th, 2010 @ 8:45PM (14 years ago)

WHo is the dispatcher

911 tweets prompt MetroSafe questions

January 4th, 2010 @ 9:37PM (14 years ago)

This is the best one I've heard http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1BQW-0dpNrA

911 tweets prompt MetroSafe questions

January 4th, 2010 @ 9:59PM (14 years ago)

I check my facebook throughout the day at work. Why punish cops over it?

911 tweets prompt MetroSafe questions

January 4th, 2010 @ 10:12PM (14 years ago)
Uploaded Image

I dont care who you are, thats funny.

911 tweets prompt MetroSafe questions

January 5th, 2010 @ 7:25AM (14 years ago)

Well I guess now I need to stay on top of all of the local reporters who have facebook pages and record the stupid stuff they say. If anything is to be learned here it's to make sure you have all of your facebook, myspace, and twitter stuff set to private. And we all know Doug Hamilton never bad mouthed anyone when he was on because he was to busy doing everything but police work.

911 tweets prompt MetroSafe questions

January 5th, 2010 @ 8:08AM (14 years ago)
Posted by: Capt. Obvious

As far as I am concerned. If she was not supposed to be listening to the radio and protecting us, then no harm no foul. I talk about all the retarded crap I see daily with my co-workers and family. Granted, I don't have a twitter account, just because I think it's stupid, but I still talk about it. Some of the stuff we see, most people wouldn't believe. They couldn't ding her on her comments, freedom of speech and all, but they will probably suspend her for some b/s policy violation. That is as long as she didn't put any personal info from the callers on there.

Don't let them get you down, stay funny, and "You go girl!"

Stay safe, and go home. Semper Fi.

911 tweets prompt MetroSafe questions

January 5th, 2010 @ 7:44PM (14 years ago)


UofL Psychologist and workplace behavior expert Michael Cunningham has studied the use of social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. Our report caught his attention.

"I thought there were two things going on simultaneously," Cunningham explained, "One, a lack of training to make it absolutely clear that that was inappropriate behavior, and then the usual adolescent satirical commentary on the absurdity of life around them."

Mr Cunningham you obviously know very little about how normal people deal with stress.

911 tweets prompt MetroSafe questions

January 6th, 2010 @ 6:44AM (14 years ago)

How unfortunate that we have to hear about this for a 3rd day, find something better to talk about and leave the girl alone. She is simply showing people how the system is abused with people who really don't have any common sense. This news channel ran a story on stupid 911 calls within the last year, so how is this different? Move on Joe Arnold, why don't you talk about the Golden Alert so we can find the missing 61 year old lady with alzheimer's that is out in the cold right now.

Hamilton is a snake and Whas11 are COWARDS!!!

January 6th, 2010 @ 7:03PM (14 years ago)

What about the jerk Hamilton stating to the public she was stupid. Should this be addressed? Even if she was this stupid, is it appropriate for someone in his position to call an employee stupid in a public forum? This is no different than her calling people stupid on Twitter except the people on Twitter aren't named. We all know what kind of person he is anyways. He should give an apology for this and be disciplined....like resigning. HA! He was nothing but taken care of by the crook Abramson for obvious reasons.

To Whas11...I'm glad you have nothing better to investigate. What would we ever do without the media in this town? To cowardly to investigate real issues, only grunt employees. Try investigating the Mayors Office or the Chiefs office. Not going to happen because Whas11 is full of COWARDS!!! That is almost as important as the Subpoena issue. Now we never go to court because we don't get subpoena's, so nothing has really changed on that issue. **** on the media in this town. Whas11 can F off!!! so can Dougie Pooh and Queen Jerry!!!

911 tweets prompt MetroSafe questions

January 6th, 2010 @ 7:39PM (14 years ago)

She was wrong to make the tweets, but in the big scheme of things: SO WHAT? I thought her comments were humorous and more importantly they underlined the bigger problem of the abuse of the 911 system. WHAS should lead the way by providing public service announcements that 911 is for emergencies not answering questions or giving free legal advice.

We have taught generations to dial 911 because the government is here to solve all your problems. God forbid you would figure out something on your own. If there is an emergency either the person calling may not be bale to get through because of having to answer stupid calls or there won't be any officers or EMT's to send because they are tied up on stupid runs.

We need a policy that flat out tells people.....THIS IS NOT AN EMERGENCY...call the non-emergency line or figure it out on your own. It is ridiculous that this even made the news.

Maybe we should adk the Admin on here to start a ridiculous call and run blog that we have taken or been on just to show the public how prevalent these calls are.

Here is one to start it off. I made a run in Clarksdale housing projects before they tore it down. We were no kidding in the building accross the street from University Hospital and some lazy welfare cow had just started he contractions. She called 911 and we got there before the ambulance did. Contractions 30 minutes apart. When I asked her what hospital she was going to to advise EMS she said University. When I pointed out it was right accross the street she said: "I ain't walking that far" Yes we paid a crew to respond to drive her across the street.

911 tweets prompt MetroSafe questions

January 6th, 2010 @ 7:40PM (14 years ago)

We are all pulling for you Meghan! By the way you should write for this website!

911 tweets prompt MetroSafe questions

January 7th, 2010 @ 3:06PM (14 years ago)
Posted by: VELCRO


911 tweets prompt MetroSafe questions

January 9th, 2010 @ 4:47PM (14 years ago)
Posted by: KMA

Hell, it's not like she was using NCIC to run anyone's criminal history and getting paid by a private company to do it.....................THAT WOULD BE WRONG!

911 tweets prompt MetroSafe questions

January 16th, 2010 @ 4:04AM (14 years ago)

Dude! She's hot! And a killer sense of humor.

911 tweets prompt MetroSafe questions

January 20th, 2010 @ 7:10PM (14 years ago)
Posted by: me

She did nothing wrong and is being thrown under the bus for no reason. If she was not supposed to have her cell phone in the center fine then warn her or suspended her for a day or two. She never released any personal info on anyone.