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Marchers Stand Up For Metro Police


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Marchers Stand Up For Metro Police

February 23rd, 2004 @ 11:46PM (19 years ago)

They say that ignorance is bliss. Well there were 15 or so Blissfull people at our Peaceful rally on Saturday. It is funny how they want to scream and holler to get their way but when someone else holds a rally that they don't agree with then they want to try and crash the party. Maybe CFTP should hold counter demonstrations each time the Bliss group gets together in front of Police headquarters. During the invocation (opening prayer) they hollered and chanted. During the pledge of allegiance they screamed and got louder. While the young girl was singing the National Anthem they got even worse. They tried to drown her out with cries of Murderer and Racist Cops have got to go ( with their little grade school rhymes). The GOOD citizens assembled simply joined in and sang the National Anthem with the young lady thereby drowning out the small band of BLISSFUL counter protesters. Eventually they saw that they were not going to get a rise out of us so they took their ball and went home.Kudos to Louis Coleman for having the grace and decency of not being there and letting others hold a peacful demonstration on behalf of their beliefs.

Marchers Stand Up For Metro Police

February 24th, 2004 @ 6:46PM (19 years ago)

I cannot understand how people expect you support their side of an argument when they are unwilling to even show the common decency toshow respect for a prayer, the pledge and the National Anthem. That was the ultimate show of stupidity! Let's see, so far they have called for action against their perception of an incident without any evidence, they have rioted and caused property damage and they have shown that they cannot respect anyone else's rights. AND they expect people to believe that they are right!! WHat a bunch of morons. I cannot respect anyone that chooses violence and stupidity over proper action. The first shot fired was not by the Officer, but by the drug dealer he was trying to arrest.

Marchers Stand Up For Metro Police

February 24th, 2004 @ 6:51PM (19 years ago)

I support the Police. I came to the rally last Saturday and was pleased with the way the crowd handled themselves. I thought it was very rude that a small group of protesters chose to try and disrupt a peaceful gathering to support Law Enforcement Officers in our community. I'm sure there are some Police Officers that don't do the right thing. I also know that they don't like a bad cop even more than we citizens. This rally wan't about a single incident, it was to thank Officers that put their lives on the line every day for us.Thank you to all Law Enforcement Officers. I am no longer one of the silent majority.