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Abramson will run for Lt. Governor in 2011


RE: Abramson will run for Lt. Governor in 2011

July 25th, 2009 @ 12:24PM (14 years ago)

Did you read the actual police report - it is quite enlightening. The officer was leaving, Gates followed him outside screaming.

Couple of points - Gates didn't own the house, it was Harvard rental property. He showed them a Harvard ID, not something that had his address. So, they called for Harvard PD to respond to verify that he had a right to be there. The door was damaged (both from Gates forcing it and, apparently, from a prior break-in.). They have an occupant, and since the report indicated TWO men, for all they knew, there was a second man in the house someone. (Turned out there wasn't, he was Gates's driver and had left.)

Crowley left the house because he couldn't hear the radio, because of Gates's screaming. He asked Gates if he wanted to go outside with him, and was verbally abused. (I'm hearing they are going to release the tapes soon on that, if they can get the OK.) He then decided to just leave, and Gates followed him outside, still screaming. Remember, the original caller was present during all this, out on the sidewalk, and the poor woman is probably now terrified.

One other little fact, the area had several break-ins earlier.