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EMS worker stabbed in Middletown


RE: EMS worker stabbed in Middletown

June 1st, 2009 @ 2:24PM (15 years ago)

#2, as I stated earlier, it is a direct result of the sensationalist nature of newspapers and tv crews who know that the public is more interested in the "fallen hero" than some unknown civilian. You are every bit as responsible for that on both ends because you all have been perpetuating thestereotype that just because you wear the uniform, you're automatically heroes.

#3 With cops the reason doesnt matter, they know beforehand the badge keeps them from getting a ticket even if its not a decent reason. They also dont have reason to get lippy, so its an unbalanced comparison from the beginning.

#4 i have never said that there is nothing honorable about being a cop, so I see no reason why you would point out that your mother would even have cause for doubt about her child.

#5 I like to target abuse. I play/they play is not a fair comparison either, unless I were to have connections to maybe get shipments delayed to their local grocery stores, or maybe that big screen tv someone is getting for fathers day goes to the wrong house across the country. I have voiced an opinion, not made threats, not supported any type of action against cops, while some cops have taken it upon themselves to leave a calling card at my house and make threats towards me that will directly affect my family. I can take any insult that can be dished out, but some on "your side" have taken it far far beyond "giving it back". That is hardly an equal "give and take", it is doing exactly what I said some of you do from the beginning, use your badges, connections, and position to intimidate and exact revenge.