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EMS worker stabbed in Middletown


RE: EMS worker stabbed in Middletown

May 31st, 2009 @ 8:57PM (14 years ago)

"how do I file a complaint? Some coward from this website has physically paid a visit to my house and left a calling card, anonymously of course. Since the name being given is not my legal name, someone has used access to private information to find me. "

Answer: Contact our PIU unit and report with them. It actually isn't that hard to reverse seaqrches made (if done from our work computers) to see who this moron is that is harassing you. Once identified the appropraiet charges may be Harrassing Communications, Stalking or Terroristic Threatening (depends on the totallity of the circumstances). But if YOU dont report the problem, PIU will not investigate.

"What other occupation not only loses a drivers license, but is expressly PREVENTED from performing their occupation, for two moving violations? Now, is that justified? maybe, we should be held to a higher standard because the vehicles we drive are extremely dangerous, but as law enforcement, you also should be held to a higher standard. Your mission values statement declares that you hold yourselves higher, but reality is that the standards are not only lowered in many cases, but even non-existent."

Response: It is not the profession but the license that gets suspended/revoked... Yes I realize that they are tied together - And no I do not know of any other profession that happens with (license wise), although I wish they did something similar with Doctors, Lawyers and even law enforcment.

As law enforcement WE ARE held to a higher standard... even while off duty I am judged... Which other profession has situations in which your are introduced as your job... Nobody comes in and says, "Hey everyone, this is Bob!!! He drives a semi, (or is a salesman, etc...)". No other profession requires the person who is off duty to constantly look at everybody in the area. No other profession hold those "off duty" personnel responsible for responding, or not responding to an incident. You, the public expect it... scratch that YOU DEMAND it.... In fact the reality is that I COULD CARE LESS about the mission statement of the department... As a rookie I was taught the following rules, which better some up MY MISSION statement.

1- If it is right do it, if it wrong don't. If you don't know, ask.

2- Today's victim will be tomorrows suspect, so get everyones information.

3- Broads, Booze and Bookies will get your Badge (The three for one rule).

4- Everything we do is public, so behave as if your mother (may mom rest in peace) is watching (heck she might see you on TV).

5- We are paid to perform a vital job, and that I should always work to get my tax moneys worth out of my self.

6- Tolerate no criminal act from those within our profession - Report, Document and followup... (This being said, the politics of the job often protect those that should have been terminated - I have seen the race and sex card played on atleast four occasions in which the yuck should have been fired at that time - blessedly all of those are now gone).

"#3, your answer isnt applicable. It was one plainclothes officer jokingly running from two other cops, and he was shot without hesitation. The friends of his yelled STOP THEIF, and he was shot. This was not even accidental as it is listed. It was murder. He was intentionally shot. maybe it was irresponsible for the 3 guys to be playing around in the first place, but that doesnt excuse the behavior and reaction of the two cops that shot the "suspect"."

- Well not being familiar with the incident, which obviously did not occur in the Commonwealth in the past 18 years, I really cant comment. But if see somebody with a gun drawn, they don't drop it as commanded - or don't identify themselves as being LE, I am sorry... they are then bought and paid for. I WILL GO HOME to my family. I WILL SURVIVE. - If the "friends" yell stop thief, then I now "KNOW" that I am looking at armed robber and will act accordingly. If you don't like this part, I am sorry, but given the scenario as you have described it, the officer who responds would be vindicated and the use of deadly force would be justified.

"While I fully understand how you see the paramedic as one of your family, I see him as someone who works for a living, no more than me, and no less than me. IT isnt how you see the person that is the issue, its how that "family" member gets treated as compared to someone that isnt "family"."

- The reality is that I respond to all situations equally... In the case of officers, firefighters and EMT/paramedics, I have a radio telling me what had ALREADY happened, so I dont have to get on scene and figure it out first. I can just react and hunt / escort / clear path / hold perimeter / etc (what ever else may be required). To better show this point, several years ago we responded to an injury accident on KY841 in which a semi driver had called in the incident on his CB on channel 9 (which many of us used to monitor - yeah I am old), so we were able to come in quick, having already called in EMS, Fire and Stat Flight based on his description (yes he is a hero, and he was decorated as such by the department)... If he hadn't given a good description it would have taken extra minutes for the first officer on scene to respond, assess and react...

Just thoughts, no attacks.


RE: EMS worker stabbed in Middletown

May 31st, 2009 @ 9:00PM (14 years ago)

I am curious about one of your comment and no insult intended. You state you were hauling 100,000 lbs when accused of a "drag race". My question is this, I thought trucks could only legally carry 80,000 lbs unless under specific permit to carry more which would be permits from state, county and local if traveling on each respective road. Either you were under permit with a special load, mistaken on your weight, or embellishing the story slightly. Or has the laws changed with bridge weight on axles for trucks?