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EMS worker stabbed in Middletown


RE: EMS worker stabbed in Middletown

May 30th, 2009 @ 8:23PM (15 years ago)

Ywah silly me, thinking i could trust a cop who gave his full name out first, what WAS I thinking. I do appreciate you pointing out that cops cant be trusted, it was just a little too late.

I havent acted like I am a hero for anything. It was the challenges that YOUR side made that not revealing my name meant that I was somehow a coward, so, im just showing how that applies to you as well. I guess youre just too much of an idiot to comprehend it.

I am not however, surprised that you would find cops abusing their position amusing. In your case, Im almost ready to make an exception for wishing harm, after all, someone has to be a victim sometime!