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EMS worker stabbed in Middletown


RE: EMS worker stabbed in Middletown

May 31st, 2009 @ 7:39PM (14 years ago)

It is a great speech, and from those who werent payign attention, im sure it garners a standing ovation. I find it oddthat you point out that I didnt respond to anything you said, but you also claimed not to have read it all.

Your right in that I didnt respond to anything you said, because as I pointed out, what you label me with, the points of my argument that you attack, are not my points at all. There is no need for me to address what is not my stance to begin with.

It isnt about hurting your feelings, see I learned long ago that allowing your feelings to be hurt by someones opinion is wasteful. I dont know anything about you. I dont presume to know anything about you. My comment extends as far as your words allow it to, and that makes it relevant only to your post. You can step off the high horse and stop acting like you werent trying to be insulting, because we both know that I was doing exactly what you were doing, and it is equally as effective. As to what I contribute to society, well, lets just say that without truckers, your job wouldnt exist, because there wouldnt BE a society such as it exists today.

Youre involved with domestic violence, great. I applaud you. Im more involved with that subject than you can imagine, in every aspect of my life. If you want to learn about that sometime, feel free to email me and we can discuss that subject to hearts desire. fordebates@yahoo.com.

Just put it in perspective, your services are critical to those who need them, just as mine are. The difference comes when determining who it is that needs them. To reference an earlier slight by someone else, Ward and June Cleaver didnt need domestic abuse counseling, or child abuse counseling, but they damn sure needed those "boxed goods."

I do understand why you skipped some parts, especially the part where I rebuffed your claims that I wished death upon someone. When you decide to actually take me to task for something that I have actually said, then please feel free, but dont think youre gaining ground by dismissing the admission that you erred in your summary of my posts, because youre way off base.