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EMS worker stabbed in Middletown


RE: EMS worker stabbed in Middletown

May 30th, 2009 @ 11:44PM (14 years ago)

good grief man, i do not frequent this site often, but when I do, all i see is your response's and replies. i do not have the time to read and try and understand your statements because it is exhausting the dribble you make. kind of reminds me of the movie 7. now maybe a psychologist may be interested in disecting, delving deep into your psyche and asking you many questions, but it is amazing the time you spend on this site. it is like you have a vendetta. you would think your time would be better served towards more meaningfull activities, such as family, your job, your kids, ect. ect. but if you continue to do so, fine, that is your educated decision, but it is pointless and fruitless. i will pray for you.

RE: EMS worker stabbed in Middletown

May 31st, 2009 @ 1:46PM (14 years ago)


1. "I would, under other circumstances, have preferred you find the guy who stabbed the paramedic while angry, because short of a legitimate mental illness, think his attack is deplorable. The difference that I see, is that I see this as a criminal attacking a citizen. I think you see it as a criminal attacking one of your "family" more than you see it as I do."

- You are right, I did see it as an attakc on my family... but in essence the victim, well he is your family as well. He is one of those that EVERYONE calls when they need the emergenmcy transport. In my heart I feel that emt/paramedics are on the same pedestal as those that head the cabbage patch settlement house, or Sister Mary Christian and the youth ministers who go out of their way to help others (regardless of the religious base - title) - NO ONE SHOULD ever attack them... Of course I also feel this way about children and the elderly.... And for the record I have hunted those who have attacked the elderly and children with the same zeal, however I have to ensure that I don't "violate" those same rights they violated of others...

2. "When I get angry about how a cop treats a criminal, it has nothing to do with concern over the criminals rights, it has to do with the motivation of the cops, and their pre-incident justification that their actions are ok because they deemed the person worthy."

- I agree sometimes passion will overtake the reality of the situation, which is why I am thankful to the sgt who recognized my anger and made me relax - to recalculate. Anger happens to us as well as any other citizen.

3. "I pointed out the incident from supporting heroes in which two cops shot a fellow cop, not knowing that he was joking with two friends of his. Shoot first ask questions later, because they believed their actions were justified."

- I see someone pointing a gun at you, and I believe you are in immideate danger, should I stop and ask questions? What if the situation is at it appeared and you are wounded/killed? How do I sleep knowing that? Seriously, How do you handle those moments. In uncle sams service if a vehicle entered our convoy, no questions were asked... period.

4. "What happens when you have a cop who is acting in that manner on false information? "

- Answer is Good Faith... And then you prosecute the sh%t of who ever gave the false information...

5. "What happens when you have a mother, who in a custody battle makes up accusations against the father? What happens when a cop with kids of his own, takes the aggression of "defending that child" out on the father, who in reality has done nothing?"

- I have no good answer... When their is a custodial issue, I try to never get involved and direct them to the civil court system.

6. "What happens... when a cop thinks that it is perfectly ok for him to use his badge to intimidate and harass someone?"

- When it happens let someone know... Our PIU and PSU do a very good job of investiagting these complaints, and if true then those idiots are fired, at a minimum.... I don't wont to work with those folks, ever. I will not deny that it has happened, I am just ashamed that it has... Alas, like any professionor trade filled with "people", you will have some good, some bad... you just have to try and weed out the bad.

- Popo