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EMS worker stabbed in Middletown


RE: EMS worker stabbed in Middletown

May 30th, 2009 @ 2:30PM (15 years ago)

They have taken it beyond "outing" me. Thats all I will say, unless the person responsible wants to take credit, which I doubt they publicly will.

The comparison I make is withour regard to code numbers, or run conditions, but what the general public viewpoint is. I have mentioned the incident before, in which a black female officer was involved in an accident at I65 and outer loop. I think it was the fault of a truck, who didnt see her in a blind spot, but not sure. What I do remember vividly, was the interstate closures, and 8-10 police cars escorting the ambulance to the hospital. The officer had a broken arm, and that was it. It was on a Mothers day, and I remember the officers mother laughing about how it was a "heck of a way" to spend her mothers day, at the hospital.

I remember days after the officer was shot recently, a headon collision on Dixie Hwy, in which several children were critically hurt, and yet NO road closures or escorts were given.

I would, under other circumstances, have preferred you find the guy who stabbed the paramedic while angry, because short of a legitimate mental illness, think his attack is deplorable. The difference that I see, is that I see this as a criminal attacking a citizen. I think you see it as a criminal attacking one of your "family" more than you see it as I do. When I get angry about how a cop treats a criminal, it has nothing to do with concern over the criminals rights, it has to do with the motivation of the cops, and their pre-incident justification that their actions are ok because they deemed the person worthy.

I pointed out the incident from supporting heroes in which two cops shot a fellow cop, not knowing that he was joking around with two friends of his. Shoot first ask questions later, because they believed their actions were justified. What happens when you have a cop who is acting in that manner on false information? What happens when you have a mother, who in a custody battle makes up accusations against the father? What happens when a cop with kids of his own, takes the aggression of "defending that child" out on the father, who in reality has done nothing?

What happens, as is going on with me now, when a cop thinks that it is perfectly ok for him to use his badge to intimidate and harass someone? Please dont try to tell me it doesnt happen, because I know from personal experience that it does.

As to the character attacks, yes I know how to push buttons, but I have my very first post and it contained NO insults. This isnt my first debate, nor is it my first discussion, I know that you dont get results by being confrontational. However, I also know that when dealing with people who dont care enough about what they are accused/guilty of, that there is a certain level of reward in pi$$ing them off instead. Its no different than dragging out a traffic stop just to irritate someone, again from personal experience.

No matter how much someone either doesnt like the opinion I posted, or doesnt care for the arrogant way I present it, it does not justify trying to interfere with someones personal life or family. I didnt put my family out here, I trusted one person with my name, and he took it upon himself to share that.

RE: EMS worker stabbed in Middletown

June 4th, 2009 @ 1:59PM (14 years ago)

Please ignore the idiot JCHRIS