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EMS worker stabbed in Middletown


RE: EMS worker stabbed in Middletown

May 30th, 2009 @ 3:41PM (14 years ago)

When I was a young teenager, an older boy I was friends with and grew up with was actually killed by the police in a struggle. The officer in the struggle was also shot once. I still support emergency services. You shouldn't make the mistake of speaking for other people here. I do not support the police blindly. I am fully aware of the powerful capabilities they have, including the ability to abuse their power. But whether it has been in my particular career field or in social circles, I've met far more decent cops than I have bad ones. Sure, there are bad ones. Sure, there are even some really awful ones. But for ME, a logical thinker, that's going to happen anywhere. Society is full of jerks and a-holes, from our culture to Africa's. So statistically speaking alone, some of those a-holes are gonna become cops... and some of them become teachers, doctors, pilots, etc and so on. I refuse to generalize your entire profession even though you have decided to give yourself the power to do that very thing to the police here.

So I'll turn your logic back on you, since you said you "can't wait" until a police supporter's relative gets killed (that makes you a really decent person, by the way. I'm sure your children feel truly blessed to have a father that gets excited about the prospect of someone he doesn't like dying or being victimized by crime). Unlike you, I truly hope that one day you DO NOT ever have to call 911 for some kind of serious emergency, because afterall, why would you want people you hate showing up to help you? I'm sure you'll tell us that's the very reason you've never called 911, when I happen to think it's because you've actually been blessed and fortunate in your life never to have to call 911 for anything (remember, fire and EMS are also on the end of 911 so it is truly a blessing you've never had to call). What I find most sad is that if you do ever have to call, the men and women that respond will not treat you differently just because you hate them. I can say this from personal experience. See, I used to be like you. I saw "lazy" cops at Thorntons and I thought, wow, must be nice. I saw them speed by me and thought, wow, must be nice. But once I really learned the realities of their job, what the extended break at Thorntons was really needed for and what was on the other end of the speeding destination, I shut my mouth. And, even after being extremely nasty to two cops once, when they made a run to my workplace because of an irate client, they were nothing but respectful to me... even though they'd have been completely justified being nasty the way I was nasty to them.

I don't think you'll ever change. I don't think anything anyone says here will sway you. You may see that as strength of character, but I find it to be stunted. And I find it so extremely sad for you that your anger and hatred towards these cops has pushed you to the level that in that post above you actually said you "can't wait" for someone's relative to die. It's troubling that something so petty has turned you into that kind of person. But as someone who used to think like you, I've only got room for pity. You don't deserve much else.