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EMS worker stabbed in Middletown


RE: EMS worker stabbed in Middletown

May 31st, 2009 @ 10:16PM (14 years ago)

As to the higher standard, its a pick and choose to begin with, because blanket immunity from traffic laws is not a higher standard. Its lower. Ticketing civilians for what you deem ok for you to do, again in non-emergency circumstances is not a higher standard.

I remember a few years ago, a drunk driver went the wrong way on I 65, and hit a semi head on. the driver of the semi was hurt, the car killed. All over the news, traffic reports not about the drunk driver wreck, but about the truck wreck. I know what the media does, they report in a sensationalist manner, and i understand it. I dont agree with it, but its a reality that comes with the dumbing down of america. One of the reason you see any news story about cops who get caught screwin up is that "you" all promote yourselves as heroes constantly. What is more of a news story, a plumber who assaults his wife, or a hero?

Look at the defenses made on this site of the job, and its obvious why there is such a sensationalist news story. Old couple falls asleep at the wheel of their RV, not more than a 1 paragraph blurb somewhere in the middle of the newspaper, but let a truck driver do exactly the same thing, and its also plastered across the front page. Ive talked about the similarities as much as Ive talked about the problems with both occupations, but as I have also said before, cops treat society as you against everyone far more than its cops + civilians against criminals.

Where is the justification for pulling someone over for speeding and reading them the riot act, when you know good and well there have been plenty of times where you were late getting to your kids softball game, or late for dinner, or whatever the plethora of excuses for speeding from society as a whole?

Higher standard would be holding yourselves to a stricter adherence to the laws, be they minimal traffic, not looser. Im only making this point in this narrow regard, as I accept the other instances you gave in response.

Addressing number 3 again, there is no mention of the "thief" having a gun. it only states, that the officer laughingly broke away from his friends, who then yelled STOP THIEF, and he was then shot. What about "thief" implies he was armed?

I understand your planning on going home to your family, and I honestly hope there is never a risk that you dont. I mentioned that article to illustrate one point, that is still prevalent today, as evidenced by the assault in Birmingham last year, that there is in fact, a mindset that cops often act first, whatever the case may be. The cops in both cases acted before they considered the reactions.

As to number 6, if simple traffic laws arent important enough for you to hold yourselves accountable, then why are we, the citizens, held to them?

As to number 4, well, I can say that there are a lot of mothers of people claiming to be cops that would be ashamed of the behavior.