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Abramson strikes out!


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It has been said repeatedly that ALL first responders are... 15 years ago No image... No video...
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Yeah I took that as he feels you are beneath him. 15 years ago No image... No video...
YOU DID POST SOMETHING LIKE THAT EARLIER. 15 years ago No image... No video...
VERY SPOCK LIKE OF YOU LIVE LONG AND PROSPER 15 years ago No image... No video...
First my opinion means little to you... then you say it means... 15 years ago No image... No video...
You big bad trucker. ouch 15 years ago No image... No video...
So, just to clarify, you can provide NO such examples of... 15 years ago No image... No video...
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6 months in the academy They were like no cops you'd ever... 15 years ago No image... No video...
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Trying to pass those slow a$$ trucks hanging in the left... 15 years ago No image... No video...
Oink oink poopy 15 years ago No image... No video...
That's very gentlemen like and you're the one who said he... 15 years ago No image... No video...
Don't forget we all beat unconscience people...all truckers... 15 years ago No image... No video...
(www).knoxnews.com/news/2009/mar/17/no-charges-for-trucker-who-shot-killed-burgler... 15 years ago No image... No video...
Heres anothe one based upon your guidelines, what about using... 15 years ago No image... No video...

Abramson strikes out!

May 19th, 2009 @ 5:39PM (15 years ago)

Congratulations, officers! A little patience paid off and you have prevailed!

-Citizen of Louisville

Abramson strikes out!

May 19th, 2009 @ 6:01PM (15 years ago)

Jerry says...OUCH!!!!!!!!

Abramson strikes out!

May 19th, 2009 @ 6:04PM (15 years ago)

Jerry is gonna stomp his feet and beat the stuffing out of his teddy bear.

Abramson strikes out!

May 19th, 2009 @ 6:10PM (15 years ago)

Jerry is definitely going to throw a temper tantrum about this. Just wait, I'm sure he has more corrupt ideas in his big head to use to screw us over. I'm glad we won. I WANT MY MONEY BACK!!

Abramson strikes out!

May 19th, 2009 @ 6:10PM (15 years ago)

Amazing...the mayor cant charge for cars because they are not in the contract, even though the cars are not in the contract to begin with.

What a travesty of justice, its obvious that the police union paid off their buddies to get the decision.

Abramson strikes out!

May 19th, 2009 @ 6:21PM (15 years ago)

Now what would be REALLY nice is if all the guys out there who have been bad mouthing the FOP board and crying and wailing that nothing was being done would step forward, admit they were wrong, and sincerly thank John McGuire and his co workers. While it would have been infinately satisfying for everybody to do something dramatic, like turn our cars or everybody get the flu at the same time, that would not really have helped us. My fire breathing brothers and sisters, ya got to take the long view, and that is exactly what John McGuire has done. Slowly, and without drama, he has taken a major step toward fixing this problem for us. This battle is not over. With the economy like it is, we are still going to have to pay something to keep our cars. Now, however, it will be a negotiated amount as it should have been from the beginning. Last, since the city is no longer providing us with "free" cars, we can bargain for more competitive pay raises in the future, and get on track with departments in similar size cities. Good Job FOP Board.

Abramson strikes out!

May 19th, 2009 @ 7:03PM (15 years ago)

It's about time, finally in the long struggle we've had against this administration since merger we've one a battle. We've taken an important hill in this campaign. V I C T O R Y!!! Be prepared for the counter attack, it is inevitable.

Even though our ranks were getting weakened we prevailed our troops stayed fast and diligent and continued on the front and took the objective.


Abramson strikes out!

May 19th, 2009 @ 7:53PM (15 years ago)

and it's one, two, three strikes your out at the ol' car game


Abramson strikes out!

May 19th, 2009 @ 7:55PM (15 years ago)

Now I get put my tom tom back up....I can afford more of that wonderful, beautiful, sensual black furry on one side ruff on the other VEELLLCCCCRRRROOOOOOO!!!!!!!!

time to change the shorts

Abramson strikes out!

May 19th, 2009 @ 7:49PM (15 years ago)

So what can the Mayor do now? Take them away is pretty much his only option if we refuse to pay right?

Abramson strikes out!

May 19th, 2009 @ 8:38PM (15 years ago)

Congratulations guys!!! But dont think for a minute that the cars wont be negotiated on the next contract and dont expect you get payed back for the money that you guys have been paying for your cars thus far. I doubt he will ever pay it back.

Metro Corrections

Abramson strikes out!

May 19th, 2009 @ 9:19PM (15 years ago)

So lets see where we are.

we won the batlle but know the war has just begun as the mayor is going to do something else to get "his" money. The big questions are.....

1) when do we get our money back? I for one was paying even though I could not enjoy the take home portion of it (live out of county) and the only time I used it was when I was at work. Basically I was paying for the gas I used to do my job but am happy that I supported those who were sticking together as we agreed to at a meeting long long ago.

2) seein the money is taken out of our checks after it is taxed, when the money is returned to us will it be taxed again making the amount less than what we gave up to jerry?

3) how long are we going to wait to force jerry to stop taking the money out of our checks? I am sure there will be some bs excuse that they need months to make the adjustment but remember they were able to take it out is quick time.

4) he has made interest on our money and will continue to do so with any more he takes out, will we get interest on the return of the money to us?

just a couple of things to think about........

Anybody see WHAS11 coverage?

May 19th, 2009 @ 11:54PM (15 years ago)

I'm a little disappointed in the way they chose to present this story on the 11 oclock broadcast. If I hadn't been pulling a girl move (I am a girl though so its ok) and watching DWTS before the news came on, I'd have watched Wave or Wlky since WHAS reminded me of why I don't watch them for news. It was completely skewed to the point that I really cannot get rid of the thought that they are in the Mayor's pocket. It was "what this means for all of us" and "now you the taxpayers will have to foot the bill" and "they get the cars for FREE now". The taxpayers have to foot the bill? I thought cops paid taxes, too? Eh. I've never counted on WHAS for neutral journalism, but this was just over the top. They made cops out to be big mean monsters looking for a "free ride" (no pun intended) and being "unwilling" to help "save" the city money. This is even going to "cost" the city millions, they said. What?? Ridiculous. I'm not a cop but I was mad for you guys tonight watching the news. You get a bad rep because people just can't seem to find their common sense these days. What a joke.

Abramson strikes out!

May 20th, 2009 @ 12:40AM (15 years ago)

Guess the Air Unit will be gone for sure now.

Abramson strikes out!

May 20th, 2009 @ 12:20AM (15 years ago)

How about a big hand for Mr. Dennis "Terry Transport" Sims, whom apparently in his many efforts to put us to sleep with USC 80 apparently missed one that was quoted by the hearing officer. Proves once again that Idiots surround themselves with Idiots.....

Abramson strikes out!

May 20th, 2009 @ 8:45AM (15 years ago)

I am glad the police took a stand on this issue and won. Everyone should be treated fairly at their place of employment and that's what the Kentucky Labor Cabinet does. The negative comments from people who flip burgers for living are ignorant. Yes, the Ky Labor Cabinet makes sure they're treated fairly also. Congrats officers! Keep up the good work and keep your chins up. Shame on YOU mayor Abramson.

Abramson strikes out!

May 20th, 2009 @ 9:36AM (15 years ago)

One of the main issues here was not reported by any of the news outlets. They were all quick to jump on Abramson's statement on how much this program would cost the city by not charging the fee, but none of them reported on how much this program saves the city each year because of increased maintenance costs to pool vehicles, the higher cost to replace pool vehicles etc. All of these facts can be found on the web and they only put out what the big headed wonder whines about.

Congratulations FOP! Job well done. To all the naysayers, whiners and rumormongers maybe this will teach you a little patience. One more nail in Jerry's political coffin. We know it isn't over yet, he will stall some more. Even thought the KY Supreme Court ordered him to pay the firefighters I still haven;t seen any payments go out.

Jerry is such a big Douchebag it isn't even funny.

Abramson strikes out!

May 20th, 2009 @ 10:30AM (15 years ago)

Anyone think this will mean the next academy will be cancelled?

I thought Jerry and Yarmuth (along with McConnell) brought Louisville $5mil+ in "stimulus" money for the P.D. from the DOJ. Where is that money going?

cranius gigantis

May 20th, 2009 @ 11:48AM (15 years ago)

You say that stimulus monies were set aside for Louisville for law enforcement, and are wondering what Jerry will do with it? When has Jerry ever used the taxpayers money for what it was meant. taxpayers didn't want Jerry making up new/fake jobs for his buddies to the tune of $100,000 each - like we need a 'stimulus czar'!!!!!!! Do you think taxpayers wanted to give Cordish the most recent million dollar (actually $950,000.00) gift? I don't recall any of the people paying the taxes getting a chance to vote on that. Hard working taxpayers don't want granite curbs, ornate wrought iron trash can holders and bike racks, and crap like that for downtown. Here's one for ya' - proceeds from police seizures (cars, money), BY LAW, 85% is supposed to go back into the police department to pay for equipment and training (saving taxpayers money). Nope - not in Jerryville. He puts it in his personal cofer - the "general fund". From which he "generally" makes it dissappear into his and Cordish's pockets. It sure as hell doesn't go to the police department, which is why we went without a helo for so long, are 100 low on officers, low on k-9's, property room is out of tazers and new batteries, etc.... Which is why I don't seize anything even though I could. F Jerry.

On another note - THANKS: for an honest ruling from KY's labor board!! and THANKS: to Mcguire and Co. for your diligence and efforts. Now please save yourselves and leave the country, as Jerry-Cordish is currently on the phone to a large mexican drug cartel ordering hits on all of you!!!!

kickbacks kickbacks kickbacks kickbacks kickbacks kickbacks kickbacks kickbacks kickbacks kickbacks

Abramson strikes out!

May 20th, 2009 @ 1:27PM (15 years ago)

to all of those out there with a facebook page, type in people against jerry abramson, its great and everyone should join,

Jerry's not the only Cheater

May 20th, 2009 @ 9:39PM (15 years ago)

Undercover federal investigators discovered that it was surprisingly easy to cheat on random drug tests designed to catch truck drivers who use drugs, NBC News has learned. Undercover investigators with the Government Accountability Office (GAO), the investigative arm of Congress, used bogus truck driver?s licenses to gain access to 24 drug-testing sites. They found that 75 percent ?failed to restrict access to items that could be used to adulterate or dilute the [urine] specimen, meaning that running water, soap, or air freshener was available in the bathroom during the test.?The GAO team also bought drug-masking products over the Web and was able to mix them with real specimens at the drug-testing sites ?without being caught by site collectors,? the agency said in a report scheduled to be made public Thursday.Drug-screening labs never realized that there was a problem. ?Every drug masking product went undetected by the drug screening labs,? said the report, a copy of which was obtained by NBC News.Dozens of products widely available on the Web are marketed to truckers as fail-safe ways to defeat the mandatory drug tests.?My first reaction was total disbelief. I just felt sick,? said Kathleen Ellsbury, whose husband, Tony Qamar, was killed two years ago when a truck driver in Washington state lost his load of logs on a curve, crushing the car he was riding in. Also killed was Qamar?s colleague, Daniel Johnson, who was driving the car. Ellsbury learned later that the truck driver, who was sentenced to 4½ years in prison for vehicular homicide, had previously been convicted of possessing methamphetamines and had meth in his blood at the time of the crash. ?The system has big holes, lets say that,? said Ellsbury, who said she had a message for truck drivers who might be tempted to cheat: ?I?d like to be standing right outside the bathroom and hold up a picture of my husband ? remind them there's consequences.?

Security Guard

Courier Journal Editorial Page

May 21st, 2009 @ 10:27AM (15 years ago)

I hope John is writing a response to the Courier Journal article in the Editorial section of today's paper. Read it if you need a reason (another one) to cancel your subscription to the Communist Journal.

communist jerry-journal

May 21st, 2009 @ 12:37PM (15 years ago)

hey Wally. Yeah Beaver. Dad said that if you tell lies a lot, then pretty soon no one will believe you. Shucks Beaver, everyone knows that. Well, Wally then why does the COURIER JOURNAL tell lies and bend the truth to make the cops look mean all the time. Beaver - the COURIER JOURNAL doesn't care about the truth, they just want to create controversy to sell more papers. Oh ok Wally, guess you're right. Of course I'm right Beav., now go to sleep before dad comes in and skins our hides............


Abramson strikes out!

May 21st, 2009 @ 6:30PM (15 years ago)

I am tired of hearing of how much this will "cost the city". It won't cost the city anything. It is not the city's money, it is ours. This was nothing more than a conveluted occupational tax and a violation of the contract. When we hear people talking about how much it will "cost the city", we need to point out that fact. Fight the lies with truth.

To Mr JChris

May 22nd, 2009 @ 8:01PM (15 years ago)


If you are so smart use your wisdom to do some good. Trying to bash policemen really does not do any good for mankind. There are bad doctors, firemen, politicians, dentists, pharmacists, mail carriers, truck drivers, etc... No one on this sight has ever said that cops never speed. No one has ever said that sometimes SOME cops sit at Thorntons all day. For every one of those I can show you 100 that are busting their a$$es so people can live under a blanket of security. No one else ( you included) will stop and assist a citizen that is getting beat up or robbed. Most will turn and go the other way. Cops dont because we stand up for all those that cannot stand up for themselves. I for one have admitted to you that there are bad apples in all professions ( mine and yours). It does get old reading all the back and forth banter between you and people I work with. You call us hypocrites because we dont respect the law. Buddy...have you ever drove down any highway and watch all the people that speed? I for one get my doors blown off once a day and I am in a police car. I ADMIT (see we do admit things) that some of my brothers in blue may do some things that I dont approve of. If you have paid attention in the news we dont back those that break the law ( I am not speaking of those who speed either) and our Chief is actually pretty good at getting rid of those that give us a black eye.

I sometimes pity you because you obviously hate police for some reason. I dont know what it is but it has to be more than because some cops speed or sit at Gas Stations too long. We would break our necks to get to you if you called and desperately needed us. I realize you can take care of yourself but there may be a day where you need our help. Even if the responding officers knew they were coming to you they would do their jobs with dignity and respect for you as a citizen. I challenge you to refute that because you cannot!~ I have helped many people that did not particularly care for because my badge means more than my petty likes and dislikes. Our job unfortunately is one that draws a lot of scrutiny no matter what we do. We are always guilty until proven innocent. Try living like that, knowing that every move you make in a deadly force encounter will be pasted all over the news...your face in the paper... every letter of reprimand is made public and those 50 commendation letters are ignored.

I am sure you will have some snide remark to everything I have posted. I have not attacked you or ridiculed you or called you names. I am just sick of reading posts made by you that are not justified. Like I said...why dont you go to a web sight for doctors and bash them every time one doctor screws up? You make it sound like all cops are like a few that you describe. Go on a ride along in an urban division and watch all the flack those officers take and the calls they have to make. Go out to the east end and watch an officer get cursed because he parked in front of a callers home and it embarrassed them. You cant begin to imagine all that we deal with. And for you to sit behind a computer screen and bash every one that wears a badge is just completely crude. Hope you have a good weekend. Think about ALL persons that have sacrificed for the country and city you call home.

William Patterson

Abramson strikes out!

May 22nd, 2009 @ 10:15PM (15 years ago)

From an LMEMS Employee, congrats on the win. I am a very big supporter of the police dept due to my father was a retired officer. I know you all are a big brotherhood and see what happens when family stick together.

Once again, congrats!

Abramson strikes out!

May 22nd, 2009 @ 11:36PM (15 years ago)

Mama said alligators are angry because they have all them teeth and no tooth brush! Do you need a tooth brush?


Abramson strikes out!

May 23rd, 2009 @ 2:52PM (15 years ago)

Hey trucker nice facebook page and cute tattoo...you look like a reject from some Judas Priest cover band.

Abramson strikes out!

May 23rd, 2009 @ 3:39PM (15 years ago)

F Jerry

Abramson strikes out!

May 23rd, 2009 @ 3:40PM (15 years ago)

F White

Abramson strikes out!

May 23rd, 2009 @ 3:40PM (15 years ago)

F Sims

Abramson strikes out!

May 23rd, 2009 @ 6:54PM (15 years ago)

First to act professionally we should ignore those who get on this site to get attention by bashing us. Second if the "truckers" want us to act professionally...I say we cite every single truck for any violation..1mph over,improper lane change,following to close etc. and do everything by the book ( requires more time to do so) and if possible have KVE respond to look into logs and other items we may over look. Then everytime you return the citation to the violators, refer them to one who bashes us. Let our work silence his obvious need for attention.

Congrats on the win everyone, and a sincere thank you for fighting for us John Mcguire and the Board. Keep up the good work.

Abramson strikes out!

May 23rd, 2009 @ 11:43PM (15 years ago)

It's to dang hot for a penguin just to be walkin around here!

Abramson strikes out!

May 24th, 2009 @ 9:06AM (15 years ago)

I just don't enderstand why 1200 police officers should be responsible for Louisvilles budget anyway. If Louisville wants a bail out........lets just let everyone pay $50 for the Mayors budget. I am talking about the while Community. Why should all of the Metro government employees have to take the burden from the Mayor? Why doesn't the whole City help out...........

Abramson strikes out!

May 25th, 2009 @ 4:44PM (15 years ago)

Awwwww Trucker why did you go and make your facebook private? Scared to let people see you? I figured someone who is as "accomplished" as you wouldn't be the kind to hide. I guess when it's all said and done you really are just an internet warrior. It has been fun pulling your punkcard...we'll let your mom know where she can pick it up.

Abramson strikes out!

May 25th, 2009 @ 9:43PM (15 years ago)

I wanted some new info but all I keep getting are these stupid "trucker" comments... too much clutter.

2009 Academy???????

May 26th, 2009 @ 4:43AM (15 years ago)

Any word if the academy is still going to happen? Academy is suppose to start June 29th....still waiting for a phone call. I know those ladies and gentleman (recruiting) are busy as hell...just hope I hear something soon....


Abramson strikes out!

May 26th, 2009 @ 12:55PM (15 years ago)

I've been an officer for 23 years and I have never heard so many childish comments back and forth on a web site as I have on this one. Can't officers keep anything professional? Stick to the comments at hand and ignore the "trucker" and all his counterparts. I would like to get on here and read something useful instead of sifting through all the kiddie remarks. PLEASE!!!! Thank you for reading this.

Abramson strikes out!

May 26th, 2009 @ 3:30PM (15 years ago)

You know, I tried and tried to find these federal statistics that JChris spoke of....I did find some, but they were published in 1997, using 1995 data.

Of course, he was correct in stating that there was a higher "fatality rate" for the truckers. The stats for 1995 given indicate an employment level (in thousands) of 2,861 truckdrives. The employment level for police/detectives/supervisors was (in thousands) 1,051.

There were 749 deaths of truckdrivers that year, with 68% of those from vehicle accidents. What's more telling is that there were 174 deaths of police that year, with 47% being homicides and 28% being from accidents.

So, what's that mean? Well, to me, it means truckdrivers need more sleep, and better driver training. Since a trucker isn't likely to die from a head-on crash with even an F350...it means they likely lose control more often, either from driving stupid or from a lack of sleep...or both. There's also the rampant drug use that truckers are known for.

The fatalities listed for police are a lot more disturbing, however. Almost a full half of the deaths were from homicides. In case you didn't realize it, trucker boy....that means someone DELIBERATELY killed that officer. It wasn't an accident, although those do take their toll on our numbers. Almost HALF the cops that died that year were INTENTIONALLY killed. If you think that doesn't mean anything, well...you're either deliberately obtuse, or just another mouth breathing idiot that needs a machine to help with what should be an involuntary and autonomous function.

See, when you willingly take on a job in which other people try to kill you SIMPLY FOR WHO YOU ARE AND WHAT YOU REPRESENT...it makes you a hero when you die doing that job. If you say otherwise, you're a piece of filth who lied about his military service. Because our jobs are directly comparable to the military...

We put on a uniform and gun, and go out to protect the community we live in. Matter of fact, there're probably more prior/current service man and women in law enforcement than in any other occupation in the nation. They're drawn to it, due to the paramilitary nature of the job. I've worked with people who have served in every branch of the military, from the Coast Guard (yeah, we make fun of them, too) to the Army, Air Force, Navy, and Marines. But, according to you and your wanna-be twisted around statistics...they're not heroes, either.

Well, hell...how's that, you ask? The death rate per 1000 people employed by the military is likely lower than that of the police. It wasn't listed on the chart I referenced earlier (which can be found at www DOT bls DOT gov SLASH opub SLASH cwc SLASH archive SLASH summer1997brief3 DOT pdf), but you can bet that since the VAST majority of the military are noncombatant support staff of one kind or another....the death rate is much lower.

But, I respect everyone who serves. Doesn't matter if they're in harms way or not. They put on the uniform, they get the respect, unless they turn out like that gangbanging cop killing Marine out west. We can do without those assclowns...anyway, according to you, the military shouldn't get any respect or be called heroes, since the death rate is so low, right? Perhaps you should stop being so bitter towards cops (since you couldn't get hired on), and just move on with your life. Just because other occupations have higher death rates doesn't mean that the danger we're in as officers is somehow lessened. Those stats don't include the number of assaults that occur every year to officers. Some of those assaults are bad enough to force the officer into a medical retirement. I personally know one officer from an out of state agency who was shot in the head. He lived, but was forced to retire, since he couldn't continue to work. Matter of fact, I know more than one cop who's been shot at, hit, and survived. Guess you'd be happier if that death rate were higher, though, right?

There's also just plain assaults. When was the last time a truck driver was driving down the road, and shot at for his trouble? Ask Jawohr about the last time it happened to him? Or, when was the last time you had to fight a guy just to do your job? We do it every single day in this city. EVERY DAY!!!! Not once in a while, when some dope deal goes bad, or you've got a lot lizard that wants more than the $20 for the BJ she just gave you...Every single day in this city an officer gets into a physical altercation, just doing their routine job. I know another out of state guy that was just involved in a shooting, trying to get a domestic violence offender arrested. They ended up OK, but the officer in FL took a round thru his vest during a robbery/vehicle pursuit that turned into a hostage situation. Just another day on the job for officers....how many times have you taken a round for your trucking company? How many of your friends have done so?

Just because the death rate for police isn't high enough for you, doesn't mean it's not a dangerous job. But hey -I've got the perfect term for you...see below.

********...to quote a guy from a good TV show (Red Foreman)

"You threaten me?"

May 27th, 2009 @ 9:09AM (15 years ago)

This ranting and raving and bickering has gone on so long I forgot what we were doing. All I know is I need T-P for the bunghole.


Abramson strikes out!

May 27th, 2009 @ 7:43PM (15 years ago)


HOW DARE SHE TREAT A HERO LIKE THAT!!!!!! I guess she shouldnt have messed with the cops because the cops are always right huh?

Abramson strikes out!

May 27th, 2009 @ 9:04PM (15 years ago)

I'm supposed to be the officer who never blows his composure

Even though I hold the weight of the whole city on my shoulders

I am never supposed to show it, my citizens ain't supposed to know it

Even if it means goin' toe to toe with a Benzino it don't matter

I'd never fight them in battles that I can't handle unless

I absolutely have to

I'm supposed to set an example

I need to be the leader, my town looks for me to guide 'em

If some sh^t ever just pop off, I'm supposed to protect 'em

Now the trucker sh^t i tried to squash it, it was too late to stop it

There's a certain line you just don't cross and he crossed it

I heard him say we's corrupt on a thread and I just lost it

It was crazy, this sh^t way beyond some S.B. and Hoo sh^t

And even though the battle was won, He feel like we lost it

I spent too much energy on it, honestly I'm exhausted

And I'm so caught in it I almost feel I'm the one who caused it

This ain't what I'm here for, it's not why I got in it

That was never my object for someone to get schooled

Why would I wanna destroy something I helped build

It wasn't my intentions, my intentions was good

Now it's just disrespectful runnin' his mouth

And talkin' about something that He knows nothing about

Plus Baks told me stay out, this just wasn't my beef

So I did, I just fell back, watched and gritted my teeth

While he's all over sit down talkin' cops who literally saved many a life

Zila Da White Gorrilla

Abramson strikes out!

May 28th, 2009 @ 12:25AM (15 years ago)

STRAFFORD, Mo. -- Traffic on Interstate 44 was disrupted Tuesday after a westbound semi-trailer truck ran into the back of a cattle trailer being pulled by a truck about 8:30 a.m. Tuesday. A cow in the trailer died. The Missouri State Highway Patrol says the semi was carrying pool chemicals, including hydrochloric acid. The chemicals spilled and caught fire, sending black smoke high into the air.

Traffic was closed in both directions for a while. By 10 a.m., the eastbound lanes were open. By noon, one westbound lane was open. The remaining westbound lane was reopened about an hour later.

As the fire kept burning, emergency crews could only wait.

?Initially, they could not put water on it. They didn't have all the identifiers of what exactly was on there, so they couldn't douse it with water, so they let it burn out,? said Sgt. Dan Bracker, a spokesman for the Highway Patrol in Springfield.

The highway patrol attributes the accident to inattention.

?Any time you are driving down the interstate and hit the back of another vehicle, I ask myself what could you have been doing, so its inattention. He was doing something other than paying attention to the job of driving. What that is we may never know but he clearly made a tragic mistake,? said Bracker.

Hazardous materials crews cleaned up the mess. Firefighters couldn't put water on the fire because it would cause a dangerous reaction with the hydrochloric acid, so they kept people away from the truck. Short-term exposure can be harmful to eyes, noses and skin. Exposure through breathing can cause respiratory tract infection.

The Environmental Protection Agency says hydrochloric acid has multiple industrial uses as a cleaning agent, as well as in the making of fertilizers and dyes. It's also used in the preparation of various food products and in the photographic, textile and rubber industries.

Abramson strikes out!

May 28th, 2009 @ 12:32AM (15 years ago)

Connecticut I-95 18 wheeler truck accident kills driver

Milford area multiple vehicle crash caused by a tractor-trailer driver kills 1 injures many.

Milford, CT(JusticeNewsFlash.com)?Connecticut state police continue to investigate a fatal multiple car crash collision set off by the driver on tractor-trailer on Interstate 95. The fatal 18 wheeler truck accident on I-95 in Milford closed down the major highway for hours on Wednesday as reported by the Associated Press (AP).

According to Connecticut state police highway accident officers, Woodbrow Phelps Jr., a 68 year-old Elkton, Maryland, truck driver died after he crashed his semi-truck into an SUV. The fatal truck wreck caused a chain reaction automobile accident involving six other motor vehicles. Apparently, Connecticut Department of Transportation (DOT) highway workers were recovering materials from an overnight highway construction project which required the I-95 traffic to be reduced to one lane when the crash occured. Police truck wreck investigators reopened all lanes to I-95 drivers about 8 hours after the fatal 18 wheeler truck accident.

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May 28th, 2009 @ 12:17AM (15 years ago)

Truck Damages Rochester Power Line

(ABC 6 NEWS) -- Rochester authorities are asking drivers to avoid a stretch of 7th Street Northwest.

A semi ran into a power pole near the Northgate Shopping Center.

Power has been restored to most places, but crews are now working on replacing a transformer.

Drivers are asked to avoid 7th Street Northwest between Highway 52 and 11th Avenue Northwest until further notice.

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May 28th, 2009 @ 12:20AM (15 years ago)

Kerang crash trial told truck driver going too fast to stop

A TRUCKIE was driving too fast to stop before a crash with a passenger train in which 11 people died, a court heard today.

Witnesses to the June 5, 2007 rail tragedy said they saw lights flashing at the Kerang rail crossing but a se-i trailer continued through the crossing

Train driver Barry Lidsper told the Supreme Court at Bendigo he saw the semi-trailer approaching the level crossing just seconds before the crash.

Truck driver Christiaan Scholl, 50, has pleaded not guilty to 11 counts of culpable driving and 8 counts of negligent driving causing serious injury.

Witness Gerard Tuohey, also driving a sem-itrailer, told the court he was able to stop his truck 20m away from the crossing.

Mr Tuohey said he saw the train and the level crossing lights flashing.

Seconds later he saw a truck approaching on the opposite side of the crossing.

?I just seen in the distance and I thought, 'Well he?s not going to stop in time',? he said.

?(He was going) too fast to stop.?

Under cross-examination by defence lawyer Terry Forrest, QC, Mr Tuohey admitted drivers approaching from the opposite direction were at a disadvantage because of sun glare.

Mr Tuohey also said he had not heard the bells at the crossing.

?Bells are all very well for passenger cars, but if you?re 100-200 metres from the crossing, you?re not going to hear those bells are you?? Mr Forrest asked.

?No,? Mr Tuohey said.

Another witness, Robyn Farnsworth, broke down in tears as she recalled the collision.

?I realised the truck wasn?t slowing down and it was going to hit the train,? she said.

Ms Farnsworth, a mail delivery driver, said she saw the truck turn to the left in the seconds before the smash as she waited on the opposite side of the crossing.

Data logged by the train?s software revealed the train's whistle sounded twice before the collision.

Train supervisor Rodney King told the court the second whistle sounded for seven seconds.

The hearing continues before Judge Stephen Kaye in Bendigo.

Trucker guilty of leaving fatal accident

May 28th, 2009 @ 3:59AM (15 years ago)

MAY 16, 2009

FARMINGTON ? The truck driver who lost a load of wood on Route 27 in New Vineyard last year, causing a fatal accident, was found guilty Friday of leaving the scene.

Domingos Medeiros, 49, of Assonet, Mass., will be sentenced June 14. The verdict came after a jury-waived trial in Franklin County Superior Court. The maximum sentence for the Class C felony charge of leaving the scene of an accident that involved death or serious bodily injury is five years in jail and a $5,000 fine.

Medeiros, dressed in a suit and tie and seated beside his attorney, Walter McKee of Augusta, showed no emotion as Justice Michaela Murphy read her verdict and explained her reasoning. His wife, son and daughter sat together quietly in the courtroom.

Stephen McKenney of New Portland died instantly when one of several large beams that fell off Medeiros' trailer slammed through the windshield of his compact car on Jan. 16, 2008.

Another beam destroyed another car, whose occupants escaped without injury.

"The evidence shows he knew he had been towing a very heavy and very dangerous load and that he took particular care in tying it down," Murphy said.

Medeiros was driving about 40 mph on a hilly, curved road. Ten minutes after the load fell off, he and his wife pulled into the parking lot of a restaurant in Farmington to have dinner with a friend. It was there that Medeiros realized the wood was gone, Murphy said. Alarmed, he turned around to find it, according to trial testimony, but found the road blocked by emergency vehicles. When he asked a bystander what happened, he was told here had been a "three-car accident with a casualty," he testified.

Medeiros said he did not inform a firefighter who was directing traffic away about the missing wood because he didn't want to be a "nuisance" and wasn't sure that the accident had something to do with the load. Murphy said Medeiros' decision not to inform anyone about the missing wood contrasted to his initial alarm at the restaurant.

He told Murphy in February that he was convinced he had done nothing wrong. He was sure the wood would not have landed in the road and thought that it must have bounced into the snow because he had not heard any noise.

"If I had thought for a second that the lumber had caused an accident, I would have contacted authorities immediately," he said during his testimony. The justice made clear she didn't believe that. "Those statements were not credible," Murphy said Friday. "They contradict his earlier behavior when he rushed to the scene."

Medeiros also consciously disregarded his obligation to appear before authorities once he knew Franklin County Sheriff's Department investigators were looking for him, Murphy said.

The officers spent days searching for the driver and had to secure arrest and search warrants because Medeiros would not initially cooperate, according to testimony.

"If (Medeiros) had made himself known, there would be no criminal or civil violations," Murphy said Friday.

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May 28th, 2009 @ 6:48PM (15 years ago)


What does he get as reward for saving you all from having to do your jobs?

Abramson strikes out!

May 28th, 2009 @ 7:57PM (15 years ago)

6 months in the academy

They were like no cops you'd ever seen

Men so hard, their veins bleed ice

And when they speak they never say it twice

You call them pigs, you say they're corrupt

But break the law, and you wind up f*cked

Truth and justice are what we're fighting for

We is the man, We is the law


With radarguns We rule the streets

And every perp we meet will taste defeat

Not even your posts can overcome our might

Cause trucker friend, we won the fight

When the trucker started the posting war

His stupid comments were nothing more

We resisted, and then fought back

Crushed the trucker with our counter-attack


Respect the badge - We earn it with our blood

Fear the gun - your sentence may strict because...

I am the law!

And you wont **** around no more - I am the law

I judge the rich, I judge the poor - I am the law

Commit a crime Ill lock the door - I am the law

Because in Ville-city... I am the law

In the cursed streets where perps dwell

There is no law, just a living hell

Anarchy and chaos fill the streets

But this will change we can't be beat

The book of law is the Bible to the cops

And any crime committed will be stopped

We keep the peace with our law-giver

Not Judge, jury, but counseler


Crime - the ultimate sin

Your jail cell is waiting when we bring you in

Law - its what we stand for

Crimes our only enemy and we'er at war

Zila Da Whit Gorrilla