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Mayor defends $94,000 hire amid job freeze


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"Ive said it before, ON A DAILY BASIS all of society relies... 15 years ago No image... No video...
How do you justify giving truckers tickets? I didn't used... 15 years ago No image... No video...
Hey Trucker- Why don't you call me ignorant when I have you... 15 years ago No image... No video...
1 that is something you have to do once a year. 2 check your... 15 years ago No image... No video...
You got a point there and while we're at it, I want to be... 15 years ago No image... No video...
Again yes we agree! and HE has and will continue do do this... 15 years ago No image... No video...
That doesnt justify setting a legal procedure that requires... 15 years ago No image... No video...
Thats because ther were sooo many claims with no merit. 15 years ago No image... No video...
I was just curious of how you came to your conclusions, thats... 15 years ago No image... No video...
Is that another one way street? I dont get my questions answered? 15 years ago No image... No video...
For the few that I have an opinion on, it is the summary... 15 years ago No image... No video...
Yes, I have, but I base my opinions on what changes, not... 15 years ago No image... No video...
Have you even looked into your complaints? That is the first... 15 years ago No image... No video...
So how are you coming to your judgement of traffic accidents... 15 years ago No image... No video...
Sorry, I should have included politicians such as the mayor... 15 years ago No image... No video...
I have done so, and would never lie to try to do anything. 15 years ago No image... No video...
How would I begin to know that? I am only pointing out that... 15 years ago No image... No video...
I agree, If you don't care enough to put your name on it... 15 years ago No image... No video...
Yes, I agree. Now I am going to let you use your numbers... 15 years ago No image... No video...
No, that isnt what I said, not even close to what I said. 15 years ago No image... No video...
You agree with me? So, you agree that its hypocritical to... 15 years ago No image... No video...
Not my behavior, buddy, I'm not LMPD. But I don't agree with... 15 years ago No image... No video...
That explains it. It's good enough for you but doesn't apply... 15 years ago No image... No video...
AND THERE IT IS NOW LET'S GET OVER THIS AND MOVE ON TO THE... 15 years ago No image... No video...
And therein lies the root of the problem, you dont want to... 15 years ago No image... No video...
I am just now getting a chance to respond due to Derby details... 15 years ago No image... No video...
Ditto, it is just distracting us from what is important. 15 years ago No image... No video...
Who cares, this "trucker" stuff is boring can we get on here... 15 years ago No image... No video...
Ill add that there is a difference between line of duty death... 15 years ago No image... No video...
Yea right, you didn't agree to meet anybody you freakin liar!! 15 years ago No image... No video...

Mayor defends $94,000 hire amid job freeze

April 22nd, 2009 @ 4:56AM (15 years ago)

You big headed ****!!

Mayor defends $94,000 hire amid job freeze

April 22nd, 2009 @ 7:01AM (15 years ago)

20 million in the hole...given 250 million...take away the zero, carry the one over....umm...Deputy Darrell could you help me out here? I hate math but I think that gives the city 230 million?....Wait a Minute...we have been paying for the cars, the fire Dept. Lost a fire station and I think there is still an overtime issue...Furlough days...cancel inservice classes...hiring freeze...no more first call at court...there is that drug money seizure thing...so it can't possibly be 20 million anymore...clearly yhe Mayor knows we have extra money or he wouldn't be rehiring folks...time to start buying more Velcro.

Mayor defends $94,000 hire amid job freeze

April 22nd, 2009 @ 8:40AM (15 years ago)

Lets see, Johnstone comes back to a newly created job. Jane Driscal also retires, volunteers her time then gets a new job because she is the only one that can handle it. We also have Amy McIntyre, Robin Oates, Cheryl Triplett who retired, took their time off and then came back to the exact job they left at the same pay. What happened to saving money or promotions for people who deserve them? Why work had when the person infront of you can retire then come back in 30 days to be your boss again while you stay where you are? Jerry and his people are running this place with no regard for anyone or any employee in metro goverment except themselves.

Mayor defends $94,000 hire amid job freeze

April 22nd, 2009 @ 9:12AM (15 years ago)

Hmmm "Too important to pawn off on a volunteer"? scuse me, but, is he is, or is he ain't the SAME GUY? Things look bleak for next year though! Watch out!


April 22nd, 2009 @ 10:19AM (15 years ago)

Anyone watch the movie Back Draft? Oldie but a goodie. About 10 mins. before the end, a bunch of firemen and police walk in to the politicians news conference and throw paperwork down in front of the cameras that show he's a fageddie! Watch the movie get motivated and let's do the same.

Mayor defends $94,000 hire amid job freeze

April 22nd, 2009 @ 10:21AM (15 years ago)

Does the Mayor drive a semi-truck?

Mayor defends $94,000 hire amid job freeze

April 22nd, 2009 @ 11:24AM (15 years ago)

In today's Courier this retred stated that this job was a lot harder than being a Deputy Mayor - No S***, that would be because he didn't do ANYTHING as a Deputy Mayor. I am curious about the 1,000 new jobs already created - has anyone heard or seen anything about them yet or did I miss that one completely? Just when you thought working in Jerryville couldn't get any better...

Mayor defends $94,000 hire amid job freeze

April 22nd, 2009 @ 11:06AM (15 years ago)

So, everyone has to have "skin in the game" except for the mayor's office, right?

This clown isn't getting a pension on top of the new salary, is he? I mean, didn't Frankfort change all that this past session? No more double dipping, if I'm not mistaken. Even if he's not drawing a pension, do we really need to pay out $94K to someone for this nonsense job?

And, since we're getting all this stimulus money, why are furlough days, budget cuts, and other BS still on the table? Fricking mismanagement of funds, that's why....

Mayor defends $94,000 hire amid job freeze

April 22nd, 2009 @ 11:22AM (15 years ago)

Didn't his holiness the mayor (may the stars forever shine on his well groomed helmet head) use the exact same excuse to justify hiring back Jane Driskoll... I was told, or read it somewhere, that Jane had run a bakery prior to her city employment, and that she has no other financial background... Does any one know anything about this?

Jerry's buttbuddies and CARS

April 22nd, 2009 @ 5:54PM (15 years ago)


You want to give away the tax-payer's money (including mine) for some buttbody's fake job while furloughing EMS, DISPATCHERS, AND CITY EMPLYEES - WHILE CHARGING US TO WORK ON OUR OWN TIME IN A POLICE CAR?!?!?!?!?!?! CRACK MUST BE ONE HELL OF A DRUG. Jerry - I want you to know that I work my ******** off every day for the people in my community - not for you. You are much worse than a thug. At least a thug doesn't pretend to be something else.

JOHN MCGUIRE - what's the deal with the cars?????? the deadline is overdue. I'm tired of lining Jerry's pockets - or Cordish's - well, dangit - same thing. give us the results NOW. WE ARE DONE.........................................................


Mayor defends $94,000 hire amid job freeze

April 22nd, 2009 @ 7:13PM (15 years ago)

Does this really surprise anyone? WE (all city employees) have given back for 6 years and will continue to give back while someone's friends all get rich. Please make sure you all get the message out next November! We need a new direction! It does not appear as if anything is going to change. Just make sure all other citizens know the truth!

William Patterson

Mayor defends $94,000 hire amid job freeze

April 22nd, 2009 @ 9:49PM (15 years ago)

Rick and Jane back in the saddle again?? Aren't these two of the same dumbasses that didn't see the 20 million shortfall coming??????? And wasn't it one of Rick's family members that screwed HUD al to hell and they had to put him in another position to hide them?? Folks, Mayor big-head gets away with this stuff because noone ever stands up to him. If the F.O.P dosen't get together on this, organize some sort of protest against him then to hell with them!!!! Lets do it our selves. We need to start doing it NOW during derby events which will cause him the most grief . Make sure your off duty, dont wear anything that that has LMPD on it and never identify yourself to anyone as a police officer ( you never know who or what your talking to, even if they also wear blue). I'm ready to hoist the flag,,,,,, anyone wanna join me...AAAAAAAAAARRRRGGGHHH.....Capt Ahab

Oh and by the way, I dont know if there is any truth to the rumor that we already lost and the F.O.P. is stalling teling us ( as I read in a previous comment), but if it is true, watch out, there is plenty of room on the plank for you to walk, and plenty of hungry sharks in the ocean ready to tear you apart

Mayor defends $94,000 hire amid job freeze

April 22nd, 2009 @ 11:28PM (15 years ago)

Guess day after derby Air20 will be up for sale..gotta pay for this somehow.

ignarrogance = ignorance + arrogance

April 23rd, 2009 @ 5:51PM (15 years ago)

"They get away with violating the law... because no one files complaints about it."

"You want to give away the tax-payer's money (including mine)..."

"It does not appear as if anything is going to change."

"...gets away with this stuff because noone ever stands up to..."

These are a few of the statements from this thread alone. They clearly illustrate the hypocrisy and arrogance that permeates the lmpd, at least as far as those that post here openly.

1. You want your contracts honored by the mayor, but refuse to honor your own mission and values statement with society.

2 You berate me, insult me, threaten me, because I hold you accountable for your actions, yet you demand accountability from the mayors office.

3 You try to intimidate me with challenges to put on your uniform, and see what the job is like, yet I dont see a single one of you stepping up and challenging the mayor for his position.

4 You create "perks" for yourselves, such as unwarranted priority status over non LEOs and immunity to traffic laws, yet complain like babies when you are forced to MINIMALLY contribute to paying for a perk that apparently isnt even listed in the contract you want enforced, and even go so far as to try to scare the public into believing that it will put society as a whole in great danger as a result.

5 You create urban legends and false myths about the dangers of your job, even though statistics from your OWN website disproves them. I still laugh heartily every time one of you talks about how you "lay your lives on the line every day."

6 You really make this too easy for me, pointing out all your shortcomings, because your arrogance wont make your ignorance take a back seat. You are fully conditioned to do whatever you want and not worry about society putting you into check. Take a look at history, look at every corrupt politician, every leader of a country, or in general, every person ina position of power, and see if the setup I just listed isnt the heart of their rise to tyranny.

Now, if there is one thing I have learned, I wont get a rational response to this. I dont know if I am just too damn smart for you, or once again, your arrogance will not allow you to accept the truth and you somehow justify it to yourselves that if you ignore what I have pointed out as the undeniable truth, it somehow goes away. In case you havent figured it out yet, I dont back down from the threats, the intimidation or even the childish name calling. Some of you, I would have to excuse because you simply havent read all the posts to know what has been going on the past few months, but then again, when you shoot your mouth off without knowing, I guess that makes you an idiot.

You called me a coward because I wouldnt give a name to my posts amid the threats, well, supposedly you have my name now, but yet most of you, save the exception of a couple, refuse to put YOUR names on your posts. Ill sit back now and await either the tumbleweeds blowing across this post because there simply is NO defense for your hypocrisy, arrogance, and ignorance, or prepare for the simpleton tactics of name calling, because for some of you, that is the extent of your abilities.

Mayor defends $94,000 hire amid job freeze

April 23rd, 2009 @ 8:53PM (15 years ago)

Isn't it amazing that West Broadway will not be shut down this year.........does anyone know why? Anyone? Anyone? How about you Uncle Phil? Any of the ******** a** majors? Well I will tell you, IT'S COMING UP FOR JERRY'S RE ELECTION. Gee does anyone see the pattern here. When he is secure for a few more years we crack down on Broadway...when he needs to get reelected, we open Broadway. Is Jerry trying to say the the people in the West End are stupid and he can manipulate them just to get a vote?

And why is anyone surprised about Johnstone coming back for a $94,000 bite of the apple. (By the way, I have been here for twenty years and never knew he was a Deputy Mayor or what he even look like). Heck we will even hire an intern to set in a highly secure area with no background check, all summer doing nothing but reading the paper and standing around stealing oxygen while we watch metro employees take unpaid leave............do you suppose we did that to take care of a deputy mayor's son who coached this intern at a state college, but I can't remember if that was before metro hired the dep. mayors son for a job that didn't exist in HUD but then moved him to another job in HR.


Mayor defends $94,000 hire amid job freeze

April 24th, 2009 @ 3:30AM (15 years ago)

Just more of the same from a mayor that continually runs our city down and leaves everyone else cleaning up the mess. Thank God for the fine officers and people that do their jobs daily. Otherwise we would be in more of a mess than we already in with our collapsing economy and infrastructure issues not to mention the incompetent Abramson administration.

Mayor defends $94,000 hire amid job freeze

April 24th, 2009 @ 7:19AM (15 years ago)

Off the subject....when anyone gets on here with the sole intention of making us mad ignore it. Whoever runs this board...erase such posts. ANyone with a self serving agenda who gets cheap thrills out of belittling LEO's does not deserve our time and energy. No one will ever disprove the so called facts regardless if they are correct or not. Just ignore it and stick to our issues. We still serve this City with dignity despite all the short comings from way up above. Leave it at that. Ignore all the other bull on here.

Signed William Patterson (Real name)


April 24th, 2009 @ 8:33AM (15 years ago)

You all be carefull out there! Thank you for risking your lives everyday on the streets to keep us safe!



April 24th, 2009 @ 9:00AM (15 years ago)

The world?s most solitary tree is located at an oasis in the Tenere Desert in Central Africa. There?s not one other standing tree within 31 miles. In 1960, it was smashed into by a truck



April 24th, 2009 @ 9:07AM (15 years ago)

thetruckersreport.com has this poem posted on it's main page, again I ask who is calling the kettle black?

I travel alone all over the road. The cars pass by, they look like bugs. I am up high in my rig, alone, stressed, tired and mad!

Cars past me by real fast. They think they own the road, but wait 'till i crush them, they will cry for mercy!

My 18 wheels will crush them and hurt them. Someday that will happen, but for now I travel alone high in my rig. I am mad, so get out of my way!

Copyright ©2005 Mary Estrada


April 24th, 2009 @ 5:26PM (15 years ago)


I love truckers

April 24th, 2009 @ 11:20PM (15 years ago)

Dear Mr. Trucker,

I want to express my sincerest thanks to you. This week, strawberries were 3 lbs for $4. It could not have happened if you did not drive them to the store as superbly as you do. Yesterday, I had sliced strawberries in my cereal. Today, I chopped some more in a blender, then added milk and ice cream. Wow, just, wow. It tasted so good. No matter how many Derby details I work this week, I know I can come home to some delightful strawberries. And to think, it's all because you work so hard at your dangerous job. Keep yourself safe, buddy. Don't let any strawberries fall over and crush you. We all know that would be a tragedy.

Keep bringing the strawberries,

Deputy Darrell,

Chicken Run Police Department

ps. 1 lb. of strawberries contains approx 16 of those juicy delights. If I slice each of them into 4 pieces, that equates to 64 pieces of strawberry. At $1.33 per pound, one slice costs 2 cents. So then, if I mix 41 slices in with my cereal, I still have 46 cents worth of strawberries for my homemade milk shake. Isn't that incredible. I love the trucker's strawberries.

Should I be concerned?

April 25th, 2009 @ 2:51PM (15 years ago)

Should I? This guy is obviously obsessed. He is following us around, and no telling what else.

Mayor defends $94,000 hire amid job freeze

April 28th, 2009 @ 8:19AM (15 years ago)

Well I have messed with the Trucker enough I guess. I'll admit, I was home yesterday working on some things, and got to thinking about him and wondered if he watched the computer all day. So I thought I would try him out. And after most of the day messing with this guy, (he makes it very easy) he has become too predictable to be any type of a suprise anymore. Although I'll admit him stating he actually went to a business questioning the employees about an alarm that happened some time back caught me off guard (that was a classic) I guess I'm done.

For those that this might have annoyed, I apologize. It's a weakness for me. I love messing with people like him, and he is ripe for the picking! Besides he seems pretty consumed with this site so might as well while we have him.

I know the Trucker will have a response for this. Probably how he has proved some morbid dillusion of his or whatever else he can dream up to make himself feel superior to the rest of the world around him. But I will resist, or try. But hopefully someone will keep giving him hel*.

But look on the bright side. People like this trucker fellow keeps things amusing when we have nothing pressing to do when we are sitting on an off duty gig, or home waiting for files to load.

Trucker is was fun just messin with ya.

Signed : COYOTE

figured him out

April 29th, 2009 @ 8:42AM (15 years ago)

You were right in him using a different I.P address but that was because you thought he was in a library or internet cafe. His actual I.P. address is The description given earlier was pretty close.

Trucker before you go on about power abuse, this was all found out thanks to the freedom of information act, anyone with access to a computer can find it out. It actually gives out your home address. Seeing how any nut job is allowed on this website (no offence) just be careful! not everyone you are bantering with is a police officer, matter of fact most of the folks you continually argue with are not. As for a criminal record nothing serious but lots of traffic violations so I can see why he's so hostile, you'd figure if your career involved driving for a living you'd obey the law.

Mayor defends $94,000 hire amid job freeze

April 29th, 2009 @ 10:22PM (15 years ago)

I can't see the posts anymore why do they go off the screen?


Mayor defends $94,000 hire amid job freeze

April 30th, 2009 @ 11:02PM (15 years ago)

There is no hiring freeze-point blank, never was one, it was a bluff. I ask anyone to request the job postings that have been on the city's website since the mayor announced the freeze. Just a few days after it was announced, there were 2 job postings, one that paid $60,000 and now there are more postings for jobs within Metro Govt.. I work for metro, my dept. got cut DEEP, and for those of us that are left, which is less than 3, are suffering BIG TIME. We bust our butts even more than ever now, do more work than before, for the same pay mind you, and we have been told it will be just us from here on out-no more help to be hired. PLUS we have to take 4 furlough days and little if any OT. MAYOR..please, if you have a decent bone in your body, STOP THIS. Be a real man, and do the right thing. Show the employees of Metro Govt., the citizens of this city, and all of those who visit it that you know what you are doing, and you are willing to do what is right. If you keep this up Mayor, there will be no one left to do the work and the citizens will be the ones who suffer.

Mayor defends $94,000 hire amid job freeze

May 3rd, 2009 @ 4:12PM (15 years ago)

Who cares, this "trucker" stuff is boring can we get on here and discuss stuff that matters and not argue with him about stuff that doesn't. You win, truck driving is "statisticly" more dangerous than police work, who gives a crap. See nothing changed, now can we discuss more important topics.We need to keep up on what is going on in this administration with the criminal mayor ripping off the city taxpayers and screwing the employees. That's alot more important than what some schitzo thinks about our job.