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Senator Introduces Transparency Bill. Gives More Power To Metro Council


RE: Senator Introduces Transparency Bill. Gives More Power To...

February 13th, 2009 @ 10:30AM (14 years ago)

WOW! Unlike out Mayor who would rather build a place for the few people who ride a bike to work to pur their stuff in a locker and take a shower??? Can anyone not see this as a future security concern? Who will guard this facility? I guess the homeless guys will have a new place to hang out.

SInce when did the government have to provide a place for someone to shower off? Here we are in his projected buget crisis and he wants to spend money of crap like this? Oh yeah and since he is a liberal democrat it is all right to continually ******** money out of the federal government for stupid projects because if he doesn't do it someone else will. He jsut be gettin' his.