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Senator Introduces Transparency Bill. Gives More Power To Metro Council


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Senator Introduces Transparency Bill. Gives More Power To Metro...

February 9th, 2009 @ 8:59PM (15 years ago)

Now I know why he has a speach writer. With an off the cuff quote like that it is obvious he cannot think very quickly. Just because the good Senator doesn't worship at the alter of Jerry, doesn't mean he has not done some valuable things for our community.

Thank goodness there are more and more folks out there that also see that the power interpreted by Jerry wasnot one to set up a monarchy, but one that has a series of checks and balances built into it so that decisions cost ing the taxpayers millions every year aren't left up to the whims of a self appointed savior.

How will you fight this Jer? Will you spend more and more tax dollars in fruitless legislation? We don't need any more money wasted by you fighting losing battles in the court system. You track record has proven itself over the years and the city has had to pay every time because instead of doing what it took to fix a problem you fought it because it wan't the way you wanted to play. Your services here are no longer required.

stand up like a man!

February 9th, 2009 @ 9:20PM (15 years ago)

All the Metro Unions will send representatives to Frankfort to lobby for this bill. When your Union calls make sure you stand up like a man! Give up a vacation day and go to Frankfort and join in the show of support for this bill. meanwhile email, call, write your state representative and ask them to support this bill.

VELCRO BILL: Power To Metro Council

February 9th, 2009 @ 9:57PM (15 years ago)


Senator Introduces Transparency Bill. Gives More Power To Metro...

February 9th, 2009 @ 10:52PM (15 years ago)

"I could say I'm disappointed in the state senator, but I've learned over the years to be disappointed in that state senator." - Jerry Abramson

WTF?? I am glad to see someone doing something constructive, but that snide little comment????? Also, how in the hell did it all of a sudden become a Police/Insurance issue? I thought it was about much more than that. I guess it just shows everyone once again that our claims that he hates us are fully justified.

I too send my congratulations to Senator Seum for working for the community. Jerry you can be Mayor, but you can't be King.

Senator Introduces Transparency Bill. Gives More Power To Metro...

February 10th, 2009 @ 4:50AM (15 years ago)

Down with the "WANNA BE KING"!!! It's time that someone pulls the rug out from Jerry. We are so tired of his scare tactics, and attacks on public safety workers. I'm taking it personally and it's pissing me off. Go get em Senator!

Senator Introduces Transparency Bill. Gives More Power To Metro...

February 10th, 2009 @ 12:38PM (15 years ago)

A part of this story fully shows what we have been saying for years. Abramson HATES the Police. I will include all public safety people in that now because we have seen first hand how he screwed everyone.

A State Senator files a piece of legislation that will balance the power to what it was intended to be rather than the one sided and heavey handed dictatorship that it has become. The bill is set to make the power equitable with what it was before merger, into what the governor and even the president serve under and what does Jerry say aout having the Metro COuncil involved in helping to run the government? "The result was what Abramson has characterized as the "Cadillac of health insurance plans" for police, which he said has proven to be very costly for taxpayers and a sticking point in negotiations with the Fraternal Order of Police."

Wait a second. This is one issue in one contract. Yet he charectorizes this as a push for the Police only? This is a State Senator making a propossal to combat the problems that have arissen out of Abramson taking advantage of loopholes and interpreting the 2003 statute so that he could act with impunity and without regard to wha tanyone else thought.

Abramson has treated his Council People like Block Watch Captains that need to bring issues to him so that he could decide from on high whether or not they will recive a thimbs up or thumbs down. All Hail Caesar! While Rome Burns Mayor Nero is still fiddlin".

Finally some backbone unafraid of Abramson

February 10th, 2009 @ 12:38PM (15 years ago)

Thank you Rep's Dan Seum and Joni Jenkins!!!!! It's about time someone in local/state government stood up to Jerry's tyranny. Thank you WLKY for reporting it - didn't hear about this story on any other station (maybe Jerry's Gestapo is threatening television stations also.) No upstanding politician would be afraid of the same checks and balances our Governor is subject to. Jerry would not be held to a higher standard, but the already established standard for Kentucky. Instead of welcoming the chance to show he is honest with nothing to hide, Jerry throws a tantrum and attempts to discredit our elected State Representatives (both Republican and Democrat) with snide remarks because he is afraid he will lose his Nazi-like strangle hold on Louisville and Jefferson County. No, a comparison to the Nazi's and Hitler is not too extreme or off base. Does Abramson not hold contempt for, condemn, and attempt to exterminate all those that oppose or even disagree with him? Does Abramson not label and treat Police, Fire, EMS, and Metro Employees as his personal slaves - as the Hitler did the Jews?

Jerry Abramson wanted to merge the city and county for his own benefit: land deals, personal gain - 4th st live and Center City, helping his buddies, larger power base, etc... But most of all - the merger negated the prior 'city' term limits. duh!!!! Abramson loves no one but his egotistical self. He doesn't care about the people paving the way or the people that get crushed under his path.

One day soon Abramson will see that we don't march to the beat of his almighty drum. We are here for the people of Louisville - NOT HIM. That is why we have not and will not quit. You poke the dog long enough, and you will get bit.


Senator Introduces Transparency Bill. Gives More Power To Metro...

February 10th, 2009 @ 1:00PM (15 years ago)

There was a big corruption article last night on the news about Abramsons hand picked cronies in his Housing Department. Seems a little nepotism was going on there. The senior people were his Deputy Mayor's son, another cronies son and he plays it off as they just happened to be the best people for the job. How deep does his corruption run. Thanks WHAS11 for a great stroy...keep digging. Funny I didn't read about this in the CJ this morning.

Senator Introduces Transparency Bill. Gives More Power To Metro...

February 10th, 2009 @ 8:58PM (15 years ago)

It's about damn time. I'm glad to see that someone has finally taken the time to straighten out this mess called METRO Government. When you have a Mayor basically birth a government from his (well, we know where it came from), you are going to have an inordinate amount of corruption. Absolute power corrupts absolutely.

There is a reason for the Metro council, so that more than one brain is working on a problem at a time. One person is not all knowing and does not have all the answers, no matter how much "he" thinks so. His philosophy that a Mayor heavy government works better, is completely deluded. With a situation like what we have now, you get what we've gotten.......SCREWED!

When the Mayor made the comment about Police Officers being a "necessary evil", there was no longer any doubt to his true feelings toward us. He is the embodiment of self-serving, egotistical ignorance. He's not as smart as he gets credit for. He has just been lucky. I am one who hopes that is luck has run out. When the Metro Counsil stated that they were prepared to give us 3.8% across the board on he last contract, I like a lot of my colleges, were sickened by what we voted in. I personally believe that an approval by the Counsil on our contact will not only be fairer to us, but fairer to the taxpayer. I can only hope that this means all projects within the city will require their approval as well.

When you give a company, which you've worked for, a lease to property worth $17,000,000.00 for $149.00 over 149 years, ?sumtin don?t smell rite ya?ll.? I was stopped by a lady at Thornton?s today who said she use to be on the Council. She told me ?You all keep fighting the good fight.? I was impressed and pleased to see that its not just the people who are the loved ones of police, fire, and EMS, but also the leaders of our community that are displeased with how we are being treated. Brothers and Sisters, we will do exactly that, keep fighting the good fight.

Senator Introduces Transparency Bill. Gives More Power To Metro...

February 10th, 2009 @ 11:01PM (15 years ago)

Thank you Rep's Dan Seum and Joni Jenkins!!!!! Thank you Rep's Dan Seum and Joni Jenkins!!!!! Thank you Rep's Dan Seum and Joni Jenkins!!!!! Thank you Rep's Dan Seum and Joni Jenkins!!!!!Thank you Rep's Dan Seum and Joni Jenkins!!!!! Thank you Rep's Dan Seum and Joni Jenkins!!!!!Thank you Rep's Dan Seum and Joni Jenkins!!!!! Thank you Rep's Dan Seum and Joni Jenkins!!!!!Thank you Rep's Dan Seum and Joni Jenkins!!!!! Thank you Rep's Dan Seum and Joni Jenkins!!!!!Thank you Rep's Dan Seum and Joni Jenkins!!!!! Thank you Rep's Dan Seum and Joni Jenkins!!!!!Thank you Rep's Dan Seum and Joni Jenkins!!!!! Thank you Rep's Dan Seum and Joni Jenkins!!!!!

Senator Introduces Transparency Bill. Gives More Power To Metro...

February 11th, 2009 @ 9:45AM (15 years ago)

Good job senators, lets stay after king jerry and his corrupt strangle hold on this city no matter what the outcome of the labor hearing. We have to stick together on this, lets be the generation of police, fire, EMS, corrections, metro govt. employees in general that finally toppels the administration of this arrogant, condescening, selfish, tantrum throwing, mismanaging moron. If we don't win this hearing TURN THE CARS IN!!!! Show them we are not gonna take it anymore, we are not gonna be his chumps and lackys.The time to stand up has come.

Senator Introduces Transparency Bill. Gives More Power To Metro...

February 11th, 2009 @ 2:03PM (15 years ago)

Remember to keep track of everything you have to do off-duty, turn in an OT slip and photo copy it for your records. Don't be dissuaded from turning in OT by the Kool-Aid Monsters. Keep track of everything that is denied because that fight is next. No more working for free. Jerry, if you don't like it - TOUGH COOKIES - it's your own fault.


Senator Introduces Transparency Bill. Gives More Power To Metro...

February 11th, 2009 @ 8:26PM (15 years ago)

I cannot believe that our city is actually trying to do what is in the following story that will be in the Communist Journal tomorrow (Thursday). Please read and respond....I am speechless!

'The city is seeking federal money to pay for most of the cost of developing a large bike station intended to encourage more bicycle commuting into the central business district.

If the request for $1.3 million in federal Department of Transportation aid isn?t approved, the city will try to find other sources of money to help construct the facility, on city-owned land somewhere downtown, said Chris Poynter, a spokesman for Mayor Jerry Abramson.

?We?ve been discussing the project for several years, and now we are ready to move forward,? said Poynter, adding that the city hopes to have a design by year?s end and start construction once it is funded. ?We?d like to have it built yesterday.?

Poynter said the intent is to have secure parking for bicycles, as well as lockers and showers to accommodate commuters who need to change into good clothes for the work day. A bike shop with rudimentary sales and repair services could also be part of the station, which would be close to bus lines, he said. The project will be discussed tomorrow at Bike Summit II, which involves discussions, speeches and breakout sessions on biking projects, safety and issues, at Old Male High School. And the Louisville Metro Council is introducing a resolution tomorrow night authorizing Abramson to apply for the federal aid.

Poynter said city officials have several possible locations in mind for the project, all on metro-owned property, but he declined to disclose them. Plans call for new construction, not a renovation, Poynter said, adding that if the federal money is obtained, it would be matched with about $300,000 from the city.'

With ALL our alledged shortfalls how can we even think of building this???? Just another example of projects we dont need right now.

Bill Patterson.

Senator Introduces Transparency Bill. Gives More Power To Metro...

February 12th, 2009 @ 10:31AM (15 years ago)

WTF, I just saw where the mayor for life Jer is going to build a building for bicyclists to park their bikes and give them lockers and showers downtown to the point of 1.3 MILLION. He said he was going to ask the feds to pay for it. YEAH RIGHT Jer, the gov't is broker than this city and already giving a trillion dollars away. I guess you'll steal it out of the budget like you've always done. Are you going to take money from your employees to pay for this like everything else. The city is broke and you are going to do something as stupid as this, you really must be desperate for votes next election. I hope you get some because you won't get mine. I can't wait till the transparency law is passed so people will know what you have really been doing with OUR money. Just another fed up with you citizen.

John Q. Public

Senator Introduces Transparency Bill. Gives More Power To Metro...

February 12th, 2009 @ 11:02AM (15 years ago)

Did you guys read the best part of the bill? If not, you REALLY should.

Currently, our beloved mayor can run for three consecutive terms, sit out for four years (one term), then be elected again for thrre more terms. For the math impaired among us, that would mean he can theoretically be mayor for 24 out of 28 years. Theory aside, is there anyone here who doubts his ability to continously be re-elected as mayor? He's got this city in his pocket, and we all know it.

But, SB119 puts the brakes on all this "mayor for life" nonsense. It revises KRS 67C.105 to allow the mayor to be elected for ONLY two four-year terms. No sitting out for a term, and coming back, either. Simply two terms, and he's done. Anyone care to guess what term our "Dear Leader" is in right now?

So, call your state legislators, and voice your support for this bill. Call them, email them, write them, and have your friends and family do the same. We have a chance to end the tyranny we've all suffered under for the last 6 years.

Transparency Bill. Gives More VelcroTo Metro Council

February 13th, 2009 @ 7:47AM (15 years ago)


Kansas city 85 million deficit...Mayor NO CUTS TO POLICE BUDGET

February 13th, 2009 @ 9:35AM (15 years ago)

Kansas City MO has an 85 million dollar budget shortfall...Their Mayor says NO TO POLICE BUDGET CUTS!!!!

Funkhouser says no to police funding cuts, property tax increase


The Kansas City Star

Kansas City Mayor Mark Funkhouser had a simple message Thursday when he weighed in on the city budget: No police funding cuts and no property tax increase.

But that simple mantra could make a difficult budget even more complicated ? it could add at least $20 million in cuts that City Manager Wayne Cauthen would have to find elsewhere in the city?s basic operations.

In fact, the mayor?s letter to the City Council set off other repercussions and accusations Thursday.

Although Funkhouser called Cauthen?s original budget proposal unacceptable, Cauthen said the mayor had given him no guidance on making it better.

And many council members, although they agreed with the mayor on police cuts and the property tax, said Funkhouser had failed to provide leadership. They said they expected more specific suggestions on how to deal with a massive shortfall and balance one of the most difficult budgets the city has faced in decades.

?We were expecting some smart, hard choices from our mayor today and we just didn?t get it,? Councilman Terry Riley said, noting that Funkhouser cast himself as a budget expert during his 18 years as city auditor.

Funkhouser said the manager?s current budget proposal left out too many details. He told Cauthen he wanted more specifics by Feb. 26, and the mayor said he would provide his own specifics on March 5.

But council Finance Committee Chairwoman Deb Hermann and many other council members said the mayor has had his chance, and the budget negotiations must now be hashed out among the entire council of 13.

The council must adopt a balanced budget by March 26.

Cauthen?s budget proposal attempts to deal with a projected $85 million shortfall. It already calls for a host of difficult choices, such as freezing employee wages, cutting benefits, laying off about 300 employees, trimming zoo funding, closing a community center and some pools, and limiting curbside recycling.

Among Cauthen?s proposed cuts is $13 million from the Police Department, which would drop funding from $213 million this year to $200 million next year. The manager said the police budget has been growing at a rate of 6.5 percent annually in recent years while revenues have only been increasing by 3 to 4 percent.

?This continual budgetary increase is not sustainable,? Cauthen said in his budget message.

Cauthen also told the council Thursday that he thought the city and police could save money by combining fleets, building maintenance and information technology.

But Funkhouser said he could not tolerate any budget change that made Kansas City families feel less safe.

At a Wednesday night town hall meeting in Briarcliff in the Northland, two women praised the Police Department and pleaded with Funkhouser not to cut spending on police.

Funkhouser said he thought the department had made great strides in recent years, and he didn?t want to wipe that out.

?This budget proposes cuts to the Police Department that will undo ten years of progress to improve services,? the mayor wrote in his memo to the council. ?(Police) Chief (Jim) Corwin tells me it will force the layoff of more than 200 police personnel and take dozens of officers off the streets. That is unacceptable.?

Cauthen, clearly frustrated by the mayor?s comments, responded that he had met several times with the mayor before he submitted his budget proposal. He said it would have been nice if the mayor had signaled that he couldn?t support any cuts to the police budget.

Cauthen?s budget proposal also followed up on a consultants suggestion that the city adjust its property tax to cover capital improvements bond debt. The increase would raise $8 million annually and cost the owner of a $100,000 house about $25 more per year.

Funkhouser argued that a property tax increase in the current economic climate was not advisable. And when voters approved that bond debt in 2004, they were repeatedly told it would not require a tax increase.

Funkhouser also criticized Cauthen?s budget for containing $14.5 million in ?unspecified cuts? to city departments, which likely would involve several hundred layoffs. The mayor said he needed a lot more information on who would be laid off and how the city would accomplish vague ?efficiencies? that the budget proposal called for.

?In reality,? the mayor?s letter said, ?these are cuts in basic services that will show up unannounced during the fiscal year.?

The staff has been working on those details, Cauthen said, and his department directors are due to report to him Tuesday on how they plan to accomplish those savings.

Budget Officer Troy Schulte said the $14.5 million was expected to include cuts of $2.8 million to public works, $2.5 million to parks and $1.8 million to the Neighborhood and Community Services Department. He said he did not yet know which specific programs would be affected, but the cuts would have a significant impact on city services.

?Its going to affect basic operations,? Schulte said.

Schulte acknowledged that the impact would be even greater if the city had to compensate for putting the $13 million back in the police budget and not raising the additional $8 million from the property tax increase. That would be the equivalent of about 400 city positions.

Schulte said it made a very tough budget that much tougher.

Councilwoman Melba Curls said she had attended two public hearings for community suggestions, and nobody wanted to face the budget ax.

?No one has come up with any cuts,? she said.

Senator Introduces Transparency Bill. Gives More Power To Metro...

February 13th, 2009 @ 7:48PM (15 years ago)

Do you know who is else considered themselves Mayor For Life?

Marion Berry - Washington Dc

Kwame Kilpatrick - Detroit

What some great company to keep.

Senator Introduces Transparency Bill. Gives More Power To Metro...

February 14th, 2009 @ 2:45AM (15 years ago)

Is there any trith to the rumor that Madelyn Abramson sits on the board of directors for Cordish?

What about the issue that Abramson recently forgave 45 million in loans to Cordish from their 4th street live fiasco?

Can anyone get a peek at Abramson's real finances? I know what he makes on the surface as Mayor, but what about all the other side funds he is raking in? How much does hwe pay in taxes and from what sources? How about some real disclosure here!

Off the Subject...if you are looking for a new car...

February 15th, 2009 @ 11:59AM (15 years ago)

I went to a dealership in Carrolton called Herb Kinman Chevy. They are located @ 1934 Hwy 227 which is off exit 44 of I-71. I dealt with two of the nicest gentlemen, Greg Calhoun and Earl Gaddis. They gave me a really good deal on a used vehicle. They said if anyone needs a vehicle they will work with you to get a good deal, new or used. Mr Gaddis has worked in the Louisville area and understands our plight.

I realize it is a long way to go for a car but it was worth my trip (only @ 1 hour from Louisville). Some of you guys that may need a POV may want to look them up.

Their website is www herbkinmanchevrolet com

Phone is (502) 732-6646

Billy Patterson

Senator Introduces Transparency Bill. Gives More Power To Metro...

February 15th, 2009 @ 7:41PM (15 years ago)

I have a question. In the WHAS 11 story it was pointed out that Dep. Mayor Bill Summers got his son AJ Summers and the son of one of his business partners jobs at the VERY corrupt Louisville Housing Authority. The Metro Ethics Commision (who I assume are appointed by Jerry) saw nothing wrong with the fact that these two positions did not exist prior to being filled by these two fellas. They weren't posted as open to anyone else when they were created and filled by AJ and the other guys son at $64,000 per year. Now because of a little heat AJ had to be moved out of the Housing Authority and where did he land......at Metro HR as the assistant director.

Now one other little fact, AJ Summers was also an assistant basketball coach at Kentucky State. Last summer the LMPD had it's first PAID summer intern at the PD. He was a tall fella who sat down in ETU reading the paper (because he could do nothing else....by the way he was never given a polygraph so him being around evidence could be a big problem....anyway)...This tall fella apparently has no ties to Louisville and no creditials to be PAID as an intern...when money is tight in the great metro government, so how did he get a job in the Police Department, which falls under Public Safety, which is under Deputy Bill Summers..........well he played basketball at Kentucky State for, can you guess........AJ Summers!

Now for all of you Metro employees that have been forced to take a furlough day or pay more out of your check just be comforted in knowing that you savings to the city has gone to good use..........supporting unethical politicians and their family members and friends (or basketball players).

I am sure the media will take this up and run with it and maybe a federal investigation into the Metro Ethics Comm. can also be launched.

Senator Introduces Transparency Bill. Gives More Power To Metro...

February 15th, 2009 @ 8:50PM (15 years ago)

Try Match.com, it is a mucher better sight for what your looking for.


February 15th, 2009 @ 10:04PM (15 years ago)


Where will you live after you leave office or are impeached or indicted? Will you find a new place where folks don't know you and your past of swindling tax payers, lying to the public, and cheating city employees? I hope all those kickbacks were worth it. You can't escape God.............................

Senator Introduces Transparency Bill. Gives More Power To Metro...

February 16th, 2009 @ 10:10PM (15 years ago)

This sight is for the rights of police officers. If you believe in us and our rights, please write your metro counsel people and help us voice our opinion. If you are looking to meet people, this is the wrong site..sorry.

Senator Introduces Transparency Bill. Gives More Power To Metro...

February 17th, 2009 @ 11:43AM (15 years ago)

is there anyway you can pay for a vehicle to do your work with your own post tax dollars to a government that misappropriates millions in federal housing money?

Senator Introduces Transparency Bill. Gives More Power To Metro...

February 17th, 2009 @ 4:28PM (15 years ago)

How come noone has "outed" him yet? He's gotten caught by some of Louisville's finest.

Senator Introduces Transparency Bill. Gives More Power To Metro...

February 17th, 2009 @ 5:19PM (15 years ago)

Dear Federal Government Investigators, State Government Investigators and ALL the Local News Media,

Can you please investigate the corruption that is blatantly ignored in Louisville, Kentucky? Somewhat puzzled, I'm not sure what it will take to inspire your curiousity and bring justice to the citizens. People that run stop signs get punished more! Please do something about our local problem with ethical and fiscal irresponsibilities. Thank you...

Senator Introduces Transparency Bill. Gives More Power To Metro...

February 23rd, 2009 @ 10:41AM (15 years ago)

******** that yall need to found somthing else to decrease the death of polices a better bullet proof jacket or a bullet proof head cap or somthing