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Officers given 7 days to decide on take home cars


RE: Officers given 7 days to decide on take home cars

January 27th, 2009 @ 5:23PM (13 years ago)

I too would like to see the mayor stop the program. The problem is that he wont. It would be better for him to have the officers end it. The problem there is that not all of the officers will opt out. So, that puts the issue squarely in the hands of the non police tax payers. You now need to write your council person and explain your side of the issue to them. Either support it or not. Wheather you do or not is not at issue. These are your dollars and you clearly have strong opinions on how they are spent. So, step up. One thing that is not ever going to happen on this site is everyone agreeing with anyone else. Your words are wasted here. I want to keep the take home program as an offficer. I WILL NOT PAY FOR THAT PRIVLEDGE. I own three cars. Don't need another I will never own. Thanks, but sorry. I will however continue to pay taxes just like you. Now then, I did my part.