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Officers given 7 days to decide on take home cars


RE: Officers given 7 days to decide on take home cars

January 30th, 2009 @ 6:44PM (14 years ago)

Also, out of county officers usually are not given so much as an afterthought. We have numbers, I'm just saying keep us in mind, thats all. We can be a pretty good influence (possibly more) in a vote given the right circumstance. Please keep in mind this is not intended to be negative at all.

Everbody keeps chanting unity..unity...WE still think we are better than others on what we do within the dept. (what part of town we work in, or what unit we are on) ...and if you live out of the county you are not even worth discussion regarding this subject.

Read some of the posts at the beginning of this thread.

And as far as sticking together, out of county officers (alot of us) just paid $100 to see where this will go, to be unified,,,,,,,and we will not drive our cars off duty 1 inch. Would you have done that?