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Officers given 7 days to decide on take home cars


RE: Officers given 7 days to decide on take home cars

January 25th, 2009 @ 5:00PM (14 years ago)

That is a very good idea. You are correct in that the more this gets exposure the greater of our chances of success will be. Remember that this website carried on despite the last FOP President's(Bill Keeling) desire that it go away. He didn't like the fact that he had to monitor it in order that nobody said anything negative about Jerry or the Chief. He made the webmaster pull articles that were archieved because he didn'tlike the way they spoke ill of the mayor. He had this grand idea that he could waltz in there and sing kumbaya and everything would be all right.

Remember this website is privately run and maintained at the expense of several businesses and private donors to cover the operating costs only. This website gets a huge amount of traffic and it rankles the powers that be because they do not have control over it. The more media that gets out there the better. Without a doubt if we connect to more people that find out what a turd Abramson is then we are doing our jobs.

I wouldn't hold your breath waiting for the fop to get something started. Remember they are a committee that meets twice a month. We need instant action sometimes and the members that take matters into their own hands are the ones that are deciding things.

I am dissapointed that we have not heard any recommendations from the lodge about what we should do. Here is my opinion: Pay the extortion money this month...maybe even next month... we will win this thing and eventually get our money back. If you give up your car right now..you can bet your sweet patootie that White will not let you back into the program, PERIOD. He will say you opted out and just to be spiteful he will not let you back in because he is just that petty.