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Officers given 7 days to decide on take home cars


RE: Officers given 7 days to decide on take home cars

January 23rd, 2009 @ 8:14AM (14 years ago)

Well, YOU at least have the right idea. You have pretty well outlined my plan; now if we could just get all our brother and sisters to work with us. My favorite thing is a little traffic stop that ends up as a felony arrest, but I guess I will just have to find some otherway to pass my time, since NOBODY should be doing any self initiated work as long as Jerry and his chief are putting it to us like this. All you smart guys out there that are screaming for somebody to do something, now is your chance; just do NOTHING beyond what you are obligated to. Make your runs, back your partners, but why should we write discretionary tickets and make money for the city?

On a side note, who wants to bet there is some not some little clause that will allow the chief his chosen few to keep their cars for free? Or if they do have to pay, they will get some under the table "allowance" to make up for it. It sure must be tough to struggle along on $150,000/year; I bet the chief keeps a free car.