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Judge rules in FOP's favor. City cannot charge more for cars.

RE: Judge rules in FOP's favor. City cannot charge more for cars.

January 3rd, 2009 @ 1:45PM (15 years ago)

It's true the City would enjoy an immediate short-term cost benefit if the cars were turned in, but the amount of overtime also immediately begun to be paid out from that point forever on would negate any cost-saving measure the City thinks it will incur. Officers forced to work over their shift because they don't get relieved by an oncoming officer with a take-home vehicle will accrue overtime quickly. Also, maintenance on pool vehicles is much more costly than take-home vehicles, and the City will be spending more that way. You are right that public safety will suffer, and that is more important to consider than the City's budget nickel-and-diming. Response time will most definitely suffer when all but 80 or 90 cars city-wide are patrolling the 16th largest city in the nation and there are no off-duty marked units traveling to and from work able to stop and respond to everything from red light runners to shootings and robberies. Thanks for your support. I hope we can continue to provide off-duty service to you, too, with the take-home car program.