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Judge rules in FOP's favor. City cannot charge more for cars.


December 28th, 2008 @ 10:47AM (15 years ago)

Here's what you don't say and do ...

1) But we'll have to buy a car - that gets less than zero sympathy from the general public.

2) My car protects my neighborhood - ditto - for those folks that don't have a police car sitting in the driveway that just ticks 'em off.

3) Don't speed, run lights, etc. Stop for EVERYTHING, call it off on the radio, make sure that the folks know that you are offduty. CLAIM IT ON OT.

4) That the car was a benefit of the job, JUST LIKE HEALTH INSURANCE, and advertised as such.

RE: Judge rules in FOP's favor. City cannot charge more for cars.

December 28th, 2008 @ 2:20PM (15 years ago)

DO NOT go to Walgreens and get a notebook to keep track of the OFF DUTY WORK you do. PUT IN FOR OT!!!!!!!!!!!!! Get paid, policy says you must perform certain duties while operating your take home car off duty. For that simple reason you are owed compensatrion when you perform those tasks OFF DUTY. Forget about what some Kool Aid drinking supervisor says about how you can't get OT for this. Put in for the OT and when they deny it file a grievence or take the LMPD to small claims court over it. You ned only perform the task for 7 minutes to get 15 minutes OT. It's time to make THEM pay a fee and ot US.

Signed: a supervisor that spits the Kool Aid back in thier face.