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Updated: Monday, May 10th, 2010

Woman meets 911 dispatcher who helped save her life


RE: Woman meets 911 dispatcher who helped save her life

October 2nd, 2008 @ 2:34PM (16 years ago)

(oh, and I am a Dispatcher. I meant the above comment to come from my point of view- a Dispatcher's)



RE: Woman meets 911 dispatcher who helped save her life

October 3rd, 2008 @ 3:47PM (16 years ago)

I agree. This wasn't meantto take away form the Officers that responded and please don't read it as such. It would be nice if there was a press conference thanking the Officers also though. I can't see Uncle Jerry doing that though.

RE: Woman meets 911 dispatcher who helped save her life

October 4th, 2008 @ 7:25AM (16 years ago)

I don't have a problem with her having her day, I don't even mind that officers rarely get praised for the good they do (c'mon, we all knew that when we signed up, no?) but I do disagree whole-heartedly with this: >> Let HER have her day, as WE rarely get any credit for anything we do! Just like you, the officers and deputies, WE catch as much grief and gripe as you do, if not more! >

You're kidding me, right? I mean, seriously? When's the last time you saw a 2X or Coleman or Jackson or Sharpton of the world raising ridiculous hell over a dispatcher? I'm sorry but you guys do not get as much (and certainly not MORE) gripe and grief than officers get. When your face is plastered on the news after you shoot or fight or yell at someone in self-defense and your family gets dragged through the mud and your name gets ruined and you get called a racist and trigger-happy and every other name and your job is on the line, then you come talk to us about you guys getting more grief. I mean really, the ratio of dispatchers getting flack in the news compared to cops getting media bashed isn't even comparable. It's almost embarassing that you even said that.

And you rarely get any credit? I've seen a lot of these dispatcher related hero stories this year and there are, what, 3 from louisville being featured on that Discovery Channel show? I'm not saying you always get credit when it's due but we certainly see more of these hero dispatcher stories than we do hero cop stories. I don't want to be on TV and I didn't sign up to get praise, but don't come here posting like you guys have it worse than we do when it comes to media and community griping and bashing, because you guys don't even come close to understanding the level of nonsense we have to take from them. You guys don't end up on the news daily for just doing your job.

As for the dispatcher involved in this, job well done. I think the touch-tone communicating was a smart move and quick-thinking in the situation