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Louisville's EMS director defends questions about practices and response times


RE: Louisville's EMS director defends questions about practices...

April 12th, 2008 @ 12:11PM (16 years ago)

so once again we cut fire, police, ems budget. but by god we've got a 100 mile walkway around the city, we've got new parks coming up each day, we've got a ( what's it up to $1.8 millon) arena that we don't need for the pro team that we're not goin to get. haw many people are goin to die before they relize that there are not enough ambulances on the street. everytime it's happened there was SUPPOSED to be an ambulance right around the corner but there not because they're out making the bullsh*t runs on people that don't need an ambulance. one of the 7 ambulances the covers my house was one cut. hell they cut the ambulance that covers newburg, one of the busiest neighborhoods in louisville. LFR is cutting staffing from 6 to 4. has anybody actually had to do truck work. the more you have the better it is. the guys get worn out quick. so we cut staff so on a fire we have to bring in more companies. so those companies get pullied from there 1st alarm to go somewhere else. so now more people don't have a engine or truck. I don't know about everybody else but I'M SICK AND TIRED OF THIS DAMN CITY LYING TO PEOPLE CUTTING THE BUDGET SO THAT THE MAYOR FOR LIFE CAN KEEP GOING SCREWING IT UP. WHEN WILL THE PEOPLE RELIASE THAT HE IS KILLNG THE TAX PAYERS OF THIS CITY.