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FOP and Metro Government at odds over take home police cars


RE: FOP and Metro Government at odds over take home police cars

March 8th, 2008 @ 1:23AM (15 years ago)

This is why we need to express our opinions to new/younger officers that do not know any better. Who approved this last contract? We should not give up anything!!!! Just because our "horrible mayor for life" offers us a raise does not mean that we should pay more for insurance or the use of our cars. Is this raise even the cost of living? We are losing money by accepting any contract that takes and gives. When I applied for the police department there were 1500 applicants for 20 jobs, now we are begging people to apply, this is a prime example of why. This "Metro" department is pathetic, which is why everyone, including myself is retiring at 20 years. J-town and St. Matthews officers use to put in for JCPD hoping to get hired. Now everyone from Metro is putting in for their departments on a very competitive and long list, only wishing to be at the top, so as to leave this horrible department. I understand why the county did not want to merge with us. They had it made with people that supported them and Rebecca Jackson that actually liked the police and got things for them. Our Mayor has always hated the police and his puppet Chief is not the police, yet a puppet to do what he wants. The helicopter is a prime example - the chief bought it 2 years ago because we need it, yet the chief now wants to sell it because we don't need it, give me a break you puppet. Maybe the news stations should do an open records request for radio transmissions on the day of the Fern Creek High School incident/possible shooting. The only helicopter was flying over the high school but the radio requesting that they go to a robbery/pursuit of mobile subjects that had robbed three different locations and pistol wipped a customer. The air unit left the high school and went to the scene to give graphic radio transmissions as the first officer was fighting (alone) with the armed subject on the ground. What else can the Mayor for life take from us (apparently our safety also, can we negotiate this too?), to get us back for his hatred of police and the fact that we did not support him in the election? JERRY, your priorities are messed up!! Get over it and quit taking things from the police! Stop buying granite curbing and put that money into the police department to keep the citizens of this community safe. If the auction for the helicopter goes well maybe we can get some more nice garbage cans and park benches for the peole that do not pay taxes. GREAT JOB MAYOR. VOTE NO FOR ANY CONTRACT THAT TAKES AWAY ANYTHING!!!!!!!