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FOP and Metro Government at odds over take home police cars


RE: FOP and Metro Government at odds over take home police cars

March 14th, 2008 @ 4:47AM (15 years ago)

I'm sorry did I say something to get your ******** in a wad. I try to post the most unabraisive non hostile comment that I could and you get on here with anomosity at me. I just don't understand and maybe I never will, but once again I'm not going to lower myself. However I will respond to all your points intelligently and chronilogically. 1) Your right and I'm wrong it is the KLEPF, sorry for throwing the "M" in there I know it was hard for you to get any sleep over my mistake. 2) No, it's not a tax on car insurance it's on home owners and before you reply with another comment in hast maybe you can provide us all with proof with perhaps the KRS for instance, so we all can believe you. 3) Since you are a former Trooper or KSPPA member and are intimate about KSP endeavers maybe you could provide some examples on how the agency has for these so many years fought to be excluded from KLEPF. KSP never received raises in lieu of the KLEPF. They receive 5% cost of living as all state employees do contingent on the budget. Thats not a substitue for KLEPF. I don't think your claim that KLEPF is the easiest way for KSP to get a raise holds much water being that over the last year I have recived a $10,000 dollar raise. If you take away the $3,100 that we recieved from the general fund that was equivelant to KLEPF, that still leaves $6,900 that came from somewhere. Last I checked KLEPF was created from a tax wether it be on a car or a home enacted by the state legislature and not a city ordinance. Wouldn't that be considered state government monies and aren't you a municipal employee recieving those state monies? I don't see what being a member of the largest agency or the smallest has anything to do with any of the conversations. After all it is easy to see WHO is FEELING BIG. How about you do something productive and provide us all with a little extra reading material with the law that states that a KLEPF receipiant has to abide by the Bill of Rights. If I remember correctly aren't those Bill of Rights awarded in chapter 15 and Sheriff's and their Deputies receive this fund without being a chapter 15 employee. Is that illegal? Finally, you state we think we are above you. You got it, hit the nail right on the head, that's why we don't want those rights. UHHHHHH, NO! What ever positive RIGHTS that you think you have is negated by the fact that you are subject to a civilian review board. Thats something that no one needs in my opinion. Haven't you already seen what happens when someone is making decisions that has no idea or working knowledge about the issues in cases at which they are deciding? When my decisons or integrity is being questioned or what ever the case may be, I want my fate to be decided by someone who has a job like me, especially if it's nut cutting time. My philosophy on KSP's current policies are if it's not broke don't fix it. If we keep our administrative procedures, how does that extinguish your rights?