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Governor announces proposed changes to Pension System

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Governor announces proposed changes to Pension System

March 3rd, 2008 @ 8:45AM (16 years ago)

This is exactly why you do NOT vote for a democrat! I'm not saying a republican is any better but a republican has never screwed me over like a democrat has, ie: Jerry Abramson, Steve Beshear. I thought democrats were for the working man. It doesn't sound like it here. Also, when it comes to voting on a new contract soon (hopefully), do not accept anything with less than a 5% raise every year for the next three years minimum. Good Luck!

Governor announces proposed changes to Pension System

March 3rd, 2008 @ 9:21PM (16 years ago)

Guys- what did you expect? You are not a Hero anymore!! You are a Stat-producer to keep CompStat's lies told that the city is safe. That is ALL you are. Jerry hates you. The Govenor cares NOTHING about you or your family.

Remember this the next time you go screaming Code 3 to some thug getting shot by another thug.

Governor announces proposed changes to Pension System

March 3rd, 2008 @ 7:10PM (16 years ago)

Mr. Governor, don't waste your time running for re-election. You have alienated half a million plus voters. The responsible people that you plan on screwing over for now and for generations to come all have families and friends so it is safe to say that you can multiply that figure many times of people that will not vote for you EVER.

I have worked hard for my community knowing that the pension plan ws good. I would have chosen a different career if I knew that you were going to be cutting benefits and making me work well past my prime in order to get to retirement. Your ill thought decision will affect anyone from thinking about taking a job in public servece.

Instead of attacking the probem, which is government not funding the pension system for 9 years as mandated by state law you have chosen to let everyone down by cutting everyone's benefits. I didn't see anything in you "Modernization" plan about you planning on funding the system according to the figures it should be funded with.

Governor announces proposed changes to Pension System

March 3rd, 2008 @ 6:36PM (16 years ago)

Dear Govener Brashear,

Before you try to enact this change I would like you to look around. Everything and almost everyone around you was/is worked on, provided by, maintained by people in the pension system. You called it a "train wreck". The state of the pension system is entirely due to politicians like yourself. You are trying to push the casino's through the general assemlby. Here's a thought, how about getting them to properly fund what they are required by law to maintain. Ask the members of the general assembly if they want to go home to the 120 counties they represent and deal with everyone who is in the pension system. CERS was the envey of the nation at one time. You chose to run for and accept the position of govener. Please stop and look around and realize that the people who protect you, work in your home, drive you, work in your office, fix your helicopter and maintain the roads that you drive are in the pension system. I am the child of a member of the pension system. I chose to become a public servant and be in the system myself. I urge you to take a long hard look at what you want to do and think about the effect it will have. It won't affect you just tens of thousands of people who are in or will be in the system. Good luck in finding someone to come to Kentucky now and work in the public service sector.

Governor announces proposed changes to Pension System

March 3rd, 2008 @ 7:32PM (16 years ago)

I might actually be crazy enough to settle for 3.7, 2, and 2 if they didn't do the following things:

1. Change my insurance plan

2. Make me pay for my damn take home car

Those two things are pretty much a deal breaker for me. They can kiss my ********.

Governor announces proposed changes to Pension System

March 3rd, 2008 @ 7:37PM (16 years ago)

Question for anyone that can answer. I posted the first comment on this issue, and for some reason it's gone. Can anyone tell me why????? Mr. webmaster, if I violated some kind of policy I'm truly sorry, but I think it contained purtinent information for all readers. Could you please put it back on????????????????

Governor announces proposed changes to Pension System

March 3rd, 2008 @ 7:45PM (16 years ago)

I have seen this pay scale on this site numerous times and it is all true but what are they paying for health care and at what benefit level!!Some of the city's that are mentioned pay over $1000.00 a month (Thats the employees part)and have reduced levels of benefits and co-pays?

Governor announces proposed changes to Pension System

March 4th, 2008 @ 6:08PM (16 years ago)


Governor announces proposed changes to Pension System

March 4th, 2008 @ 6:16PM (16 years ago)

Maybe newly electected governor B will get some of the votes that he needs since he's now allowing convicted felons to vote.

Governor announces proposed changes to Pension System

March 5th, 2008 @ 8:07AM (16 years ago)

We have to stick together and vote no for anything that reduces our take home pay. Remember if they give you $50 in raises a month and take out $60 more for insurance you lose! Any raise, 2% or %5 in annual salary with no increase in Insurance is a win. Any raise, 2% or 5% in annual salary with an increase in health insurance or whatever is a loss. As far as the Pension system, its the same old story. It happens to every business that has ever had a pension system. When the heads of a business are falling short of money they start to look around and notice that there is this large sum of money over here in this one account thats not doing anything. We'll just take a little out, not much, just to pay the light bill. Next thing you know, they've cleaned it out and it's in jeopardy. Same thing happened with social security. The way to fix that is to prosecute anyone who touches it. However, politicians always put a clause somewhere in there that allows them to take money out. I know, we can approve gambling and then refund all the pension money with revenue brought in from sucking grandmas pockets dry. Naah! We'll use that money for something stupid! WAKE UP PEOPLE!

Governor announces proposed changes to Pension System

March 5th, 2008 @ 9:23PM (16 years ago)

Carlton says a police officer having a take-home car is "Not a right or a privilege." In fact, Carlton says the charge for officers who work off duty jobs was in an effort to save the entire take-home car policy.

"Somebody's got to bear that responsibility. If it's not the officer who's using that for a second job, it's going to be our taxpayers," said Carlton.

Carlton says LMPD Chief Robert White reports most officers are OK with the new policy, saying it's the fairest way to do it. However, McGuire says beyond the bargaining issue, the whole policy is unfair because officers are charged the same amount, no matter how much they use the cruiser for their off duty job.

Isn't it interesting that Mr Carlton and the Mayor do not acknowledge that the FOP has said that the way they they imposed this a violation of the FOP contract and possibly law. We are were in negotiations with the Mayors representatives when this was imposed and no mention was made to our committee. The Captains and Lieutenants of LMPD have been without a contract for over two years. It looks more and more like the Mayor does not wish to negotiate and just impose his edicts. He has been brought to task on more than one issue where he refused to acknowledge that he cannot just do what he wants and has even refused to accept the judgement of the courts. Ask the firefighters about their monies owed and how much taxpayer money is being spent on further litigation. The issue is not whether there may need to be a change to the take home car program, even though it has been proven to save the city millions of dollars in the long run, but that there are established laws that govern labor practices and negotiations. You can say what you want about the take home car program. With this program cars are being used for five, six and even seven years of service. It is proven that by giving responsibility to an individual that the cars are better maintianed and last longer. The mayor and his spokesman have forgotten to mention that this program was intitiated to save money and have fewer officers on the street, a number that has not been increased in decades even with the growth of the metro area. I am allowing for merger and the number of officers on both departments prior to merger. This is just another issue of the mayor doing something to show how he is saving money with out substance. He has said that they cannot issue more bonds without jeopardizing the city's credit rating. That is something that should have been managed by you. You did not consider or issue a bond for Metro Safe and it is now five years old and the only consideration is to save money. You could have had a state of the art front line system that was the envy of the country and have not accomplished it. Your system is overloaded and on the verge of failure due to overworking the employees. Maybe it is my fault for not understanding but you brought people in, toughted the system as cutting edge and haven't accomplished anything. Where is the media attention on this? Why don't they ask you why what you promised has not been accomplished yet? Maybe I'm just talking to myself......

Governor announces proposed changes to Pension System

March 5th, 2008 @ 10:30PM (16 years ago)


Governor announces proposed changes to Pension System

March 5th, 2008 @ 6:11PM (16 years ago)

WAVE 3 does not allow you to look at results of old polls. If you didn't see the results shown at 6:06pm on 3-5-08 they were as follows. Do you support the Mayor making officer pay $60.00 a month to work off duty?

46% support the Mayor

53% DO NOT support the Mayor

1% No Opinion

Governor announces proposed changes to Pension System

March 8th, 2008 @ 4:23AM (16 years ago)

Last Years COLA was not 3.8%. It was 3.2% and the year before was 3.5%. get your facts straight before you write a letter and make yourself look stupid concerning your own pension plan.