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Governor announces proposed changes to Pension System

RE: Governor announces proposed changes to Pension System

March 4th, 2008 @ 10:13PM (16 years ago)

I like how the Mayor's spokesman says that someone has to take responsibility on this issue to help with the 9 million shortfall in the budget. How about the individual(s) that frivolously spent the taxpayers money on granite curbs, park benches, the Ali Center, etc. because they failed to pull the wool over the Public's eyes on the Library Tax and spent money they did'nt have. Hopefully the Council will see fit to give us (and not just the Police, but all Metro Employeees. Fair is Fair, Right ??) the same 10% cost of living raise that they voted for themselves last year. The 60.00 per month not only affects Officers, but also the taxpayers and businesses that have crime deterred away from them by the mere preasence of these cars and the fact that On-Duty units are not being dispatched to the locations where Off-Duty Officers are working because they can handle the runs dispatched to that location and the On-Duty Units are available for calls for service from the taxpayers instead of going to a run where there are Off-Duty Officers working. I beleive that the majority of the public supports the Police and the majority of the Police would respond to and help a citizen in need whether they be Off-Duty or not. Please don't try and divert your mismanagement of taxpayers dollars and make this look like a selfish issue by the Police.