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Local Judge issues Contempt of Court order to Corrections Commissioner


RE: Local Judge issues Contempt of Court order to Corrections...

July 26th, 2007 @ 4:44PM (17 years ago)

Well since you have identified yourself as a former city officer (which means absolutely nothing to anyone but those that think they are legends in their own minds) you made my point. Whether you are former city or county or pig farmer it doesn't matter, it is what you produce as the president, which what I have seen is pretty poor. Don't put him on a pedestal just because he was LPD, I know many great former LPD officers that I would put before a large number of any JCPD guys as president. As a matter of fact the last two LPD presidents were absolutely outstanding and put the old JCPD presidents to shame.

Just like in politics vote for the man not the party.....oh and by the way get over the LPD/JCPD thing we are one happy family and your still my brother or sister whether you can you the cap key or not :)