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Local Judge issues Contempt of Court order to Corrections Commissioner


RE: Local Judge issues Contempt of Court order to Corrections...

July 23rd, 2007 @ 5:56PM (16 years ago)

o.k. first of all we need a full time president. the size of our dept pretty much dictates it. if you dont have some one who can devote the time needed we will slowly start taking steps backwards and lose the benifits that the officers before us had to fight to get. if you think that the people we work for, the city , our own chief, the mayors office is going to ever try and do the right thing for us then you are a booger eating moron who clearly is out of touch with the truth. ********. second, if the lesson wasnt learned from what happened with travis ballard, then nothing will ever change as long as judges do not have to be held accountable for what they do. house arrest really kept ballard in line because he only got to committ about a dozen felonies, for which he pled guilty to while on h.i.p. what a joke. if anybody ever checks the record they will find out that judge willet had just as much to do with grignons death as travis ballard did. same type judges same results. ottman and ballard were buddies from the same neighborhood with the same type of mentality. the sad thing is mcdonald -burkman, just like willett, really dosent give a ********.