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Local Judge issues Contempt of Court order to Corrections Commissioner


RE: Local Judge issues Contempt of Court order to Corrections...

July 18th, 2007 @ 8:31PM (17 years ago)

Eggert has a Harvard Law degree that he utilized in the PD's office for years because he believed in a noble, albeit unfounded principle that the police "make war on the poor" and only lock up people that can't afford good legal counsel so that they never haave to go to trial. He finally got fed up with the crappy pay when he and his wife adopted a child and went into private practice. He is a good attorney, but the only difference is that now he charges lots of $$$$$ to defend the same type of scum that he did before only now they pay for his services. Dope Dealers and thugs. You rarely see him defending anyone innocent. All they do is try and get the scumbag off on technicalities and when that doesn't work he gets one of his buddies to do the deed.