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Local Judge issues Contempt of Court order to Corrections Commissioner


RE: Local Judge issues Contempt of Court order to Corrections...

July 24th, 2007 @ 3:06PM (17 years ago)

well well well. o.k. first things first. i do apoligize for any insult you may have taken about the name i used. did'nt mean to get your ******** twisted. second, regardless of how i type YOU GOT THE MESSAGE. hows that for capital letters. it is obivious that you are either a former county officer or a new officer with no experience. it is not an f.o.p. issue with you it is a personel issue to you that a former city officer is the f.o.p president. my point was that a full timer is needed in that spot. and you are right, many people may think you are an idiot until you open your mouth, or type , no matter how good, and remove all doubt. so remember, it takes one to know one.