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Police say retired officer fired on Hummer after seeing gun


RE: Police say retired officer fired on Hummer after seeing gun

June 10th, 2007 @ 4:04PM (16 years ago)

Couldn't agree more. I have always heard a phrase around the station for many years and that was if an officer is not getting complained on than he is not doing his job. I have been complained on many times myself and all were found to be bogus. This job is not for CHOIR BOYS!!!!! Every now and then you have to yell at someone, or knock some sense into them. We are out there protecting and serving and putting our lives on the line everyday. So here it goes, my appolgy to everyone who has complained one me. I am sorry for yelling at you when you almost killed an entire family when you were driving recklessly. I am sorry for smacking you upside the head in SELF DEFENSE with a mag light when you were trying to take my gun from me. I am sorry for using the tazer on you because you were resisting arrest. I am sorry for speeding to the scene of an incident, I didn't know that we were not allowed to hurry up to save lives unless our lights and sirens are on. So as you can tell I have had my fair share of complaints also and so has every other officer who is doing his or her job the way they should be. So I don't care how many complaints this man has recieved. That still does not make him an attemptd murder.