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Booby-trapped meth lab found in Bullitt County


RE: Booby-trapped meth lab found in Bullitt County

March 20th, 2007 @ 5:51PM (15 years ago)

The nursing home comment was out of line, but I do agree we need to hire more younger people to balance out everything. We can't have a wholedepartment full of people who are ready to retire. If everyone decides to retire at once then your FU**ED. The key is to balance it out with older and younger officers. And the department has already hit rock bottom. It's never going to get better until we get a new mayor, and last time I checked thats not going to be for a long time to come. As a vetern officer I have seen almost everything in my career. The last post was right you can't replace the experience that we vetren officers bring to this department, but as the father of someone who wants to be a police officer I have to agree with the post about hiring younger people. I have told my son to stay as far away from LMPD as possible, but the only problem with that is where is he going to go. The answer is NOWHERE. Metro is the only department in Jefferson County that sends people to school. So younger people have a big disadvantage that all of us vetern officers never faced. If you didn't get hired by the County or City you could apply with JCSO, Shivley, J-Town, St. Matthews, West Buechel, Anchorage, Oldham County, La Grange, and so on. Now these young kids don't have these options because all these departments hire laterals. Its easier to hire someone who you don't have to send to school, but in the long run all your getting is someone who has been taught to police the way their department taught them. If these smaller departments hire recruits then they can mold the recruits to police the way they want them to police, and it's not like the old days where everyone went to school and then left for County or City. Hell we get laterals that go back to their departments after a year or less with us. So to all the vetrens hang in there and to all the guys who want to go to the academy good luck and hopefully things will change for you guys so you have more options.