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Booby-trapped meth lab found in Bullitt County


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Booby-trapped meth lab found in Bullitt County

March 17th, 2007 @ 9:08AM (15 years ago)

Just a point - there is NO such entity as the "Bullitt County Police" - it is the Bullitt County Sheriff's Office. SOs have policing responsibilities (at least outside Jefferson and Fayette Counties) but the AG said just a few years ago that they are not POLICE, and they are not, according to the Ky Supreme Court, able to take advantage of the provisions of the Bill of Rights. (I don't agree with their interpretation, by the way, but that is the way it reads right now - although a change just made in state law might make a difference in that.) If you have a merit board, you have some protections similar to 15.520, but if not, you are at the will of the sheriff. (Keep that in mind, those of you looking for retirement jobs.)

Booby-trapped meth lab found in Bullitt County

March 20th, 2007 @ 5:02PM (15 years ago)

"Most law enforcement agencies here in Jefferson County look like nursing homes." I'm not sure who should be insulted the most--the officers or the nursing homes. As one of those that looks like a "nursing home", I would still put myself and most of my colleagues up against the "new blood" any time, any place. You should be thankful that the older heads are still allowed to police--what they've learned over the years cannot be learned in this day and ages because things have changed so much. When they are gone is when you will really hit rock bottom.