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City knew radio bid faced pitfall, Warning preceded single, pricey offer


Put MetroSafe back under the police department

August 17th, 2006 @ 1:00PM (17 years ago)

Biggest single entity, sure, but not, probably the "majority" of the users. (And the fire departments don't really have their own "rules" - dispatch is handled essentially the same for all of them. But if it is put under LMPD, that automatically marginalizes every other user of the system, and that isn't good either.

I agree, wholeheartedly, that the EMS/Fire dispatchers do NOT work nearly as "hard" - by that, I mean constantly, as to the police dispatchers. (They would disagree, I'm sure.) It is flat out nuts that Fire has been permitted to continue the silliness of having fire dispatchers SLEEPING at Brook and Bloom during their shift - they automatically get 16 hours of OT a week - and if they work a double shift, 48 hours, that's another automatic 8 hours of OT. They say it is more efficient, I say it is nuts. Put them on 40 hours shifts and do some cross training, so that they can be used to help out police (and vice versa) if need be. Almost every dispatcher in the state is able to handle dispatching for all three disciplines, why not the ones in Louisville?