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City knew radio bid faced pitfall, Warning preceded single, pricey offer


Put MetroSafe back under the police department

August 15th, 2006 @ 11:45PM (17 years ago)

Unless all 19 fire departments were staffed with 50 people (and we all know they aren't) and unless ems has grown from 150 personnel, I think LMPD certainly is the biggest stand alone user of the system. Each fire department stands on its own with it's own rules, and ems is it's own entity, so LMPD's 1200+ would seem to be the majority user, with the most radio traffic and the most calls for service, and the stats prove it.

That is aside from the point. The radio room was more efficient when a Lt. Colonel was breathing down the neck of the operations manager, and ever since that ceased and the Lt. Colonel went on to be a chief elsewhere, the radio rooms expenses and OT have skyrocketed.

Here is a case in point. EMS has 4 dispatchers for 25-30 units on duty at any point in time. F1 had that many units logged on by itself, handled by 1 dispatcher. So tell me, why can the police get by with 1 channel for that number of units, and ems needs four?? And before someone goes mentioning the service channels, I'm pretty sure ems doesn't run warrant checks.

Put MetroSafe back under the police department

August 15th, 2006 @ 4:01PM (17 years ago)

I agree with you 100% percent that Fox and Hamilton know nothing about the operation but LMPD is the majority client based on the fact that we make more runs and have more radio traffic than any other agency but in the end that donesn't matter. The point is that if we need to put money into a radio system that allows me to communicate to my brothers and sisters on my own department, as well as, my family in the fire service and EMS.

It is sad that Homeland Security does not want the Metrosafe to move into the old federal Reserve because it is in a flight path and does not provide an adequate location to have a comm center or to store emergency provisions. Even DH told Jerry that and he still won't listen. This guy and his ego are out of hand.