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Coleman's Confusion...


RE: Coleman's Confusion...

July 4th, 2006 @ 6:34PM (16 years ago)

Quote "But, Mr. Lamb there is still bias police officers in Louisville, even I can vouch for that. " End quote.

Yes, maybe so. I have heard stories of black officers refusing to lock up or even investigate black criminals, so I guess you are right. Oh wait, you were probably trying to refer to whites as being the bad ones. Sorry about that. It seems blacks get a pass when it comes to racism.

So we should just let the Colemans and such of the world just vent their little hearts out, is that right? So we should just listen to them call all the white officers serving the community racists? I don't think so. What happened in the past is no excuse for these blowhards to go out and promote their warped views on the world without being called on it. They simply use language intended to intimidate people into accepting without question anything they say, usually with a monetary amount at the end in their own pocket.

Thank you Mr. Lamb for using your position to point out what many of us wish we had the platform to be able to say.