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Police Working Hard To Find Man Who Murdered Woman In Front Of Her Daughter


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May 21st, 2006 @ 12:06PM (16 years ago)

What IS the problem with EMS? ALL of the LMEMS/LFR personnel are great, but why is it that we don't have an ambulance when we need one? We have as many, if not more, ambulances on the street as communities larger than ours, but we never seem to have an ambulance when we need one - because they are being burned out on BS calls. Taking a patient to Clark Memorial? Most EMS agencies will NOT do an emergency transport out of the county, let alone out of the state, yet we seem to do it regularly. (I have seen LMEMS going back and forth to Indiana on several occasions.)

Wasn't there an incident involving an Metro officer getting transported by Yellow back a few weeks ago? Again, no dig on the service itself, but LMEMS is supposed to be the primary agency, yet ....