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EMS Union Upset About Proposed Changes

RE: EMS Union Upset About Proposed Changes

December 10th, 2005 @ 10:20PM (19 years ago)

A paramedic in an SUV is no replacement for an ambulance when paramedic-level care can do little to help them and the best thing to do is go to the ER as quickly as possible. An example of this is when you have a stroke and could be treated within 3 hours of the stroke beginning in an ER with the drug activase. Assuming most people delay calling 911 for one reason or another, every minute counts. You can't help this person when your ambulances are all tied up. The paramedic in the SUV is just about useless for that parient. There are many other scenarios in which they would also be just as useless. Most people aren't very aware of the fact that the suburban areas have routinely only had 1 ambulance available to cover the entire east and south ends, so they probably aren't aware that any cuts in already deficient coverage would be worsening an already unacceptable situation. Even more frightening is that Abramson intends to also cut fire service and police service by cutting fire stations and continuing to not keep the police fully staffed. Richmond, like White, and the Fire Department consulting firm , has no loyalty to anyone in Louisville but the man responsible for their paycheck: Jerry Abramson. They will report whatever Abramson wants them to report, so the "studies" and "expert opinions" are nothing but Abramson propaganda. When Abramson gets put out of office, they'll all be going back home much richer than when they arrived, and that's all that matters to them. As far as the fire chief, he was the youngest ever appointed for a good reason, and that's because he's a very adept politician who tows the line for the Mayor with a smile on his face. Like White and the rest of Abramson's hired guns, he backs up whatever Abramson wants and takes his big paycheck. It's time we elect a Mayor with real integrity so he can appoint some police, fire and EMS Chiefs with real integrity.