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EMS Union Upset About Proposed Changes

The difference

December 10th, 2005 @ 9:52AM (19 years ago)

EMS designators do vary from state to state - but here in Kentucky, there are three recognized levels of EMTs -

EMT - First Responder (FR) (approximately 48 hours of training- JCPD used to train their officers to that level)

EMT- Basic (or B) - I think about 120 hours of training - this is the level that most people consider EMTs in Louisville. They can perform a variety of tasks, but can't use a regular defibrillator, start IVs, or administer drugs, for example

EMT-Paramedic (P or Paramedic) - a boatload more training, usually takes about six months of classroom, plus a bunch of hospital and ride-along time with a preceptor (think FTO). They can do a whole gamut of procedures, depending upon their medical director, IVs, drugs, regular defib (not AED), even stuff like a crich (usually thought of as a trach) and a needle decompression for a blown lung - stick a needle in between ribs and draw off fluid that is compressing a lung. (An experienced field medic can truly work wonders.)

So, Paramedics make more than EMTs - although should they make considerably more? Yes, given the level of training required, I think they deserve considerably more that LMEMS pays them.

And I support the use of chase cars, and I guess those SUVs might come in handy sometime - if the weather is bad. Ambulances do not handle slick or rough terrain well at all. But the medics in chase cars should be a "promotion" in effect, they should be the folks that have demonstrated excellence in the field because they will be working essentially alone, or with the help of an inexperienced officer or firefighter.

There is a saying - Paramedics save lives, but EMTs save paramedics!