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EMS Union Upset About Proposed Changes

RE: EMS Union Upset About Proposed Changes

December 8th, 2005 @ 12:48PM (19 years ago)

Moved out of the "metro" area a year ago into Indiana. I have not had to use the EMS service around her so I cannot comment on how good they are. I have been on the scene of EMS in the metro area. The crews are great, but they are under a bad system since the merger and going to get a worse one now. As for why it takes them so long to get to an accident scene, yes it is due to BS calls (anything can be an emergency to the persons involved) or PERCIVED BS calls. IT has been that they had to respond from a totally different area of the county. There are alot of reasons. As for heart attack victims it is not the Police being disptached it is being on a run or at a scene and having something happen. I know I cannot vote in the mayors race but I still can participate in other ways and support Kelly. The first time a calltaker tells someone NO that EMS is not going to respond and the person is further injured or dies from whatever his complaint was, are you going to write out that big fat check to the family for the denile of services?

RE: EMS Union Upset About Proposed Changes

December 8th, 2005 @ 6:24PM (19 years ago)

Louisville is no place to live if you have kids. They'd be safer in LaGrange Reformatory than in some of our high schools. People like Jerry and our lawyer friend here being in charge are the reason why this city is going straight down the tubes. What company in their right mind would want to locate here? Just someone looking for $8 per hour sweatshop employees thanks to Jerry helping to drive the good jobs out of town.

RE: EMS Union Upset About Proposed Changes

December 8th, 2005 @ 10:12AM (19 years ago)

As a Spencer County resident I have State police, Spencer Co. sherrif's, Taylorsville City Police, Two fire houses and several ambulance crews all in an area that if you blink, you would miss the whole town. I cannot answer if they are better or faster, but I sure feel better about it.