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State Pensions Facing Crisis Retirement System is $4.5 Billion Short

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State Pensions Facing Crisis Retirement System is $4.5 Billion S

November 28th, 2005 @ 5:46PM (19 years ago)

This is a ticking time bomb. Because for years the legislature, not the pension board had STOLEN monies from the State Pensin System. Wd Davis has warned us for years that the State is supposed to put in "X" number of dollars and they continue to shortchange the pension system and use the money for their pork projects.

With only so much money to go around they have tried every year to cut the pension system back, instead of properly funding it like they were supposed to do. That is why i is so important that we send lobbyists every sessin down there to protect our interests.

The State pension system isn't broken. THe State pension system will work if spending in Frankfort is cut. If the people that finally after so many years brought us a tobacco tax could get off their butts and quit sending our gambling dollars accros the river then maybe they could fford a few more perks for themselves. Funny, it seems to have worked well in Indiana.

State Pensions Facing Crisis Retirement System is $4.5 Billion S

November 28th, 2005 @ 8:11PM (19 years ago)

Politicians like power and the only way to get it is to take money from special interests so they can win elections. Special interests only give them money if they think the politician will pay them back many times over, usually by spending tax dollars. If you want your elected officials to fund the pension system, then get in line and start donating to their election campaigns. Either that or help get the stupid lying ********* voted out of office. Unless you seriously threaten their job security, then they'll continue ignoring the issue and giving your money to their pals.

State Pensions Facing Crisis Retirement System is $4.5 Billion S

December 2nd, 2005 @ 8:54AM (19 years ago)

if you think the lmpd is the only dept piling up o/t to boost their pensions in the state, think again. Along with corrections, fire,ems,and airport police, duing the same.Plus, using last 2 yrs verse last 5yrs for averaging , is also eating away at the pie.What out going chief , you think helped push that through for passing..All this , plus the lifers in Frankfort with their paws in the pot.. The GREED will hurt us all. All except the legislaters in Frankfort. They'll see theirs funded by hook or crook. Get prepared state retirees for a GOOD-OLE-BOY screwing........The lottery was suppose to bail out the teachers and the education system; RIGHT. So, why are teachers still under paid and Property Taxes 50% higher than 8yrs ago. " politictions and their PORK spending. ex. bike trails, arena's, 4th street bars, consulting firms, and oh yes Brite-side and the trees..This is FISCAL responsible buget spending.Last, but not least our fine brothers of the FOP.Where was the backing for the retirees and teachers in Frankfort fighting for health insurance benefits."NO WHERE" its not a FOP issue, they said. Ya gotta love em. So lets get legislation passed for a casino boat..Don't buy it people. Churchill Downs fought against ,it for last 9yrs, and INDIANA is reaping the monies away from the state and Churchill. But NOW churchill is all for it as long as they rule terms.And you thought churchill just spent 9 billion dollars to renovate and beautify the track to LOOK pretty. You smell that odor of GREED in the air again people ? If it looks like crap,smells like crap....Its CRAP !!!!