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Dwindling backup from LMPD, financial incentives lead to east Louisville police merger


RE: Dwindling backup from LMPD, financial incentives lead to...

October 18th, 2022 @ 9:38AM (1 year ago)

See, here's the thing...if you're gonna talk $hit, you need to be correct in your presentation. Otherwise, you come across as a colossal douche...oh wait...

Never mind.

RE: Dwindling backup from LMPD, financial incentives lead to...

October 19th, 2022 @ 11:44AM (1 year ago)

LMPD hasn't had more qualified applicants who got completed the hiring process than open positions ready to be filled in the last 10 years. LMPD's many years of pay freezes, the incompetent politicized democrat appointees running LMPD and the courts, openly hostile anti-police populations in the west end and liberal east end neighborhoods and better job opportunities elsewhere add up to Louisville being lucky to even have a police department at all.

LMPD's been told to police with 2 hands behind its back since Fischer took office. In-crowd administration house mice in handpicked specialized units are who got into trouble with the Explorers and Taylor case, not the rank in file. That's the fault of democrats for electing democrat Fischer, who hired democrat Conrad, who put those democrats into those units where they committed those crimes.

Soon the democrat controlled federal government will impose their non-consensual consent decree on LMPD, because for every disease there is an even worse cure that only they have. https://www.axios.com/2021/05/14/police-consent-decrees-crime-jump-reforms

The numerous restrictions of the decree will convince the last few detectives trying to chase down murderers, rapists and armed robbers that they should instead sit back at the office hoping they turn themselves in. If something needs to be done, then they can refer it to the FBI, since they won't get in trouble for doing it.

It will remove all doubt in the minds of criminals that they will be as free as 1700s Caribbean pirates to take what they want from whoever they like. People like you will finally get your wish. It may be time to buy a home in a Republican county like so many liberals have done in recent years. Fischer spent most of 2020 living outside the county. Follow your leader.