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Dwindling backup from LMPD, financial incentives lead to east Louisville police merger


RE: Dwindling backup from LMPD, financial incentives lead to...

September 25th, 2022 @ 12:51PM (2 months ago)

The feds are always eager to plaster the names of police officers all over the news, but they won't admit when one of their prosecutors shows his genitalia in public.


Department of Justice Inspector General Michael Horowitz was busy this week, releasing three separate reports on Monday alone. Each detailed misconduct by a different assistant United States attorney: One finds a federal lawyer trying to use his position to avoid a drunk driving charge; another finds a government attorney getting drunk and physically belligerent at a meeting with foreign officials; the third, and most disturbing, finds an assistant U.S. attorney exposing his genitals "in a public place," and sexually assaulting a "civilian" on a date.

Who were these federal prosecutors? The summary reports don't say. A spokesperson for the Office of the Inspector General told RealClearPolitics that it could not release their names. RCP has filed a Freedom of Information Act request asking for their identities.

RE: Dwindling backup from LMPD, financial incentives lead to...

September 26th, 2022 @ 10:55AM (2 months ago)

The allegations are more of the same and will be readily dismissed by democrats as false right wing rhetoric. You'll see FBI officials saying "I can't comment on that" when asked under oath and the democrat politicians will deflect or make jokes about how it's just another conspiracy theory.

I doubt a new Republican US Attorney in Florida would view it the same way in 2025. He'll be looking to indict for civil rights violations. After all, the new US Attorney will reason, the democrats certainly would if positions were switched. They proved that over the last several years.

These are some of the reasons you never saw either party trying to use the Justice Department as a political weapon in the past. The democrats seem to believe they'll be in charge forever. That's a fool's bet.